DOG vs GOD – the Millennia Contagion “I am sorry”

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The “I am sorry” Lie

God sees all lives as his own. Nothing to be sorry about. I stopped hearing and saying “I am sorry” much anymore, because I did not want to make you “sore”ee. When I tell you I am sorry, I am telling you I am Sore. As in I am hurting. That is a sorry condolence!
Now that I have proclaimed to you I am sorry, (I am in Pain!), I have shamed you for causing me pain and anguish. We are now swimming in muck together.

We can both now proclaim to each other “I am sorry!”, “I am sorry!”. We can take turns maintaining the shame and guilt. That is what I am sorry was invented for. For us to maintain: One man over another = then cast shame with “I am sorry”. Maintenance complete. This action and socially accepted meme and method of conversation, provides “cover” to a grand human weakness, very conveniently, – the weakness of allowing oneself to be over another, to allow for comparison and judgement. To decide who lives and who dies.

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This is the contagion of a millennia – the addiction to “one Man’s will over another”. We are all Co-Creators with the most high Source of All who also resides inside our Heart. As Co-Creators we can create and explore anything within Creation as our Being is made of all the constituents of Nature. Humans are the Most Exalted Beings within Earth.

There is one statement that keeps the world in immaturity, it is – I am sorry, and it works every time.

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Man’s Best Friend, God’s Best Friend

We follow our best friend down the street and into the park He loves us and we love him. He happily takes on the collar and leash and gleefully watches you clean after him and provide for him. It could be called a mutual love fest. Both parties fulfill the other. We do abandon them for long periods while we attend to our business(es). They NEVER hold this against us.

We Humans are God’s best friend. We are his loving pet and we are loved and never abandoned. He provides and cleans up after us, regardless of the messes we create. Whenever we call to him, he responds. He never abandons us. But as co-creators, we can allow for that reality to exist in ‘our Mental magical game’. As God’s pet, he never abandons us but to the contrary, we abandon him, similar to the way we disregard our ‘love fest’ relationships with our very own pets. Whenever we come back, we find we are still loved.

We will abandon our pets as co-creators but the original creator NEVER abandons his relationships as they are his creations and therefor they are in actuality, Himself, as many, he has created! The idea “we are here by random accident”, could not be embraced and would not be possible unless we had such power to imagine that.

The misunderstanding of our Dense bodies and our relationship to all Creation is “the Millennia Contagion”. Fulfilled and legitimized with “I am sorry”. We have engaged in killing for long enough to forget “the Wonder” and our obligation to ourselves and Creation.

Our only issue today is (murder) and disregard of others which has led to all maladies. We can be opposed to the Creator or in love with Creation. When we disregard our own specialness, it leads to disregarding others. As Nature describes for us, one thing builds on another.

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Is God one of Us

Who is Eric Bazilian

Hooters writer Bazilian, wrote the ‘One of Us’ song and shows us we are co-creators. Proven by the song and it’s acceptance. The title translates to “there is One of Us” and we are legion. Eric Bazilian, see below, translates phonetically to, “Air I C, a bazillion ways”.

Eric Bazilian wrote “one of Us”, he is a musician and song writer that is most famous from the band called Hooters, from Philadelphia, PA., USA, (Nin and Kev hometowns). He wrote this song and was never able to write another ‘god song’ again. He wrote it fast and it led to riches, a wife and daughter and lasting relationships. A kismet affair. The song became track “6” on Joan Osborne’s album called “Relish” 1995.

Eric Bazilian, talked about the inspiration behind the song in an interview with Pop Dose in 2008:
“I wrote [‘One of Us’] one night — the quickest song I ever wrote — to impress a girl. Which worked, because we’re married and have two kids. But we were in the middle of writing Joan’s album, which was a group effort with Rick Chertoff and Joan and Rob and I, and I did a demo of ‘One of Us,’ this wacky little demo which I ended up putting as a hidden track on the CD of my first solo record, and I played [it] for them.

And it really hadn’t even occurred to me that it was something that Joan might do, but Rick, in his wisdom, asked Joan if she thought she could sing it. And I think it was better that he asked it that way rather than ‘Do you want to sing it?’ Because the answer to that might not have been yes. But she definitely said she could sing it, and we did a little live demo of a guitar and her singing it. And when I got into my car and popped the cassette in, I started practicing the Grammy speech that I should’ve gotten to give.” az lyrics

What did Zeus do for humans?

I can allow for order and chaos: Impossible phonetically translates to “I M” Possible

Je suis, I AM (what I think I am) – swan etymology: Proto-Germanic *swanaz “singer”
Zeus could transform into any beast and approach a human and have them decide how to treat him. We have Undercover Boss, the TV Show, today. As a swan, Hey Zeus, seduced the queen of Sparta (Records say 650 BC, it rose to become the dominant military land power in ancient Greece.) who was married, and she had sex with a swan and then her husband that night and got pregnant. cnn article

Zeus became the most important god because he used intelligence as well as power, and he used his intelligence to ensure that he would not be replaced by an even stronger successor. He cared about justice, and he gave the other gods rights and privileges in return for their allegiance to him.

Modern Prophet Explanation

Words of a Sufi Sheik:
“The kämil sheikh speaks: Son, there are two sections in the heart—the jealous dog of desire and the inner heart which contains the light of Allah. One section is the qalbulläh, the heart of Allah, and the other is the kalu balla, the black dog of worldly desire. A dog’s tongue always hangs out in desire, “Aahah.” Have you not seen the difference between the two sections? With wisdom, dispel the dog of desire and open the light of Allah in your heart. There you will see His qualities, His actions, and His kingdom.”


The Black Swan is a water bird that originated in Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand, where they build their nest in swampy regions. This particular bird is somewhat of a White Elephant symbolically and scientifically. Until the late 1600s, everyone thought it was simply a myth, and that all Swans were white. So Black Swan comes by the association of pleasant surprises, unexpected discoveries, and challenging the “impossible.”

The tales of Black Swan appear in Aboriginal Dreamtime. One tells us that black swans were once Ancestors to a tribe, eventually becoming men. Another tells us that an arrogant fisher doomed his entire crew to being transformed into Black Swans. He was out in the water and caught a young trickster spirit called the Bunyip and refused to release it at the behest of his mates. Mother Bunyip would have none of that, churned up the water for a flood around the boat, and used her might magic. It is said they remain in that form to this day, only being able to speak human tongue by night, because of perilous arrogance and pride.

A third folk story claims that there were once two brothers who became White Swans to assist in gathering weapons. The local hero, Wurrunna, used a crystal, shapeshifting them. Eaglehawks attacked the White Swans, picking them clean. Upon seeing this, Crows shared their black feathers, making the brothers into Black Swans. The color remained as a reminder of the Crow’s kind assistance.

What Is an (Australian) Black Swan?

A black swan is an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences. Black swan events are characterized by their extreme rarity, severe impact, and the widespread insistence they were obvious in hindsight.

The black swan (Cygnus atratus) is a large waterbird, a species of swan which breeds mainly in the southeast and southwest regions of Australia. Within Australia, the black swan is nomadic, with erratic migration patterns dependent upon climatic conditions. It is a large bird with mostly black plumage and a red bill. It is a monogamous breeder, with both partners sharing incubation and cygnet-rearing dutie

Black Swan Movie – Decoded

“Black Swan” was inspired by “Perfect Blue,” a famous anime film by Satoshi. Like most of Satoshi Kon’s films, deal with conflicting yet intermingling dualities. In this case, a young pop singer transitions to being an actress. The dualities presented include the opposition of a stage persona versus your personal life, obsession in the face of passion and reality versus delusion.

To truly understand the full meaning of “Black Swan,” you must learn of its inspiration. Darren Aronofsky has made no effort to hide the fact that the film was heavily inspired by the 1997 anime movie “Perfect Blue.” He has even bought the rights to the film, as well as other movies created by its director Satoshi Kon, so that he may emulate their visual styles.

One can see many of these themes repeated in 2010’s “Black Swan,” yet Aronofsky’s take on the tale is vastly different from Kon’s. But the theme of dualities in opposition remains and is at the heart of any meaningful explanation of “Black Swan.”

The dualities presented in “Black Swan” exist, much like monsters in “The Cabin in the Woods”. They are implements used to mold the story and shape the greater theme: the conflict of self versus self. Nina’s descent into madness and ascent into creative genius is brought on by the oppositions within her. These conflicts are the core of the symbolism of “Black Swan.” Here are the dualities of “Black Swan” explained.

We are the Black Swans

We all carry both dynamics, the ways of the world and the ways of the Heart.

More from a Sufi Sheik:

“If you split anything with wisdom and look, you will see an atom. If you split the atom, there will be a light. If you open the light, you will see your original human form. If you open the original human form, you will see Allah’s benevolence. If you open Allah’s benevolence, His kingdom will be seen. If you open His kingdom, you will see His justice. If you open His justice, you will see Allah ruling within that justice. If you open the state in which Allah dispenses justice, His duties will be evident. If you see this and carry out His duties and actions, you will receive the wealth of the three worlds. If you understand this, it will benefit you.”

Sheik Bawa Muhayadeen on “Love”:

The sheikh said: Son, love is something that brings out many different kinds of actions. It is all called love. If a poisonous scorpion is going to show love, it will embrace you and sting you with its tail. That is its love. What will the love of a scorpion do? It will make you writhe in pain and lose consciousness; it will bring you to a state near death.

But if the love of a wise sheikh, a wise person, a man old in wisdom, one well versed in wisdom, sees something wrong in you and stings you with love born of wisdom, there is no poison in it. It contains medicine for the soul, medicine that will dispel torpor and give you clarity, medicine that will dispel disease and give you happiness. It will give you explanations, peace, and tranquillity. But you will not understand this until later.

All the other kinds of love and attachments could be poisonous either immediately or after some time. Man has millions of animal qualities, poisonous qualities, and qualities of attachment. Whatever love he gives with any of these qualities will ultimately bring you suffering. But the love of a true sheikh is not like that; it is of a different kind. Realize this and understand which kind of love you need.”

On Seeking Perfect Beauty in the World

“Whoever goes around searching for perfect beauty in this world will never have peace in his life. Somewhere or other there will always be a shortcoming. Looking throughout the whole world for beauty, he will always complain about one thing or another. Finally he will be driven to the state of wanting to commit suicide. If you desire external beauty, this is how it will end. You will suffer defeat just like the man in this story.

If, however, you look for good qualities, good conduct, good actions, good behavior, sincerity, modesty, reserve, fear of wrongdoing, and faith and trust in God, if you desire what has wisdom, this will preserve your exaltedness in this life and the next.”

“…. mäyä (T) Illusion; the unreality of the visible world; the glitters seen in the darkness of illusion; the 105 million glitters seen in the darkness of the mind which result in 105 million rebirths. Mäyä is an energy or shakthi which takes on various shapes, causes man to forfeit his wisdom, and confuses and hypnotizes him into a state of torpor. Mäyä can take many, many millions of hypnotic forms. If man tries to grasp one of these forms with his intellect, though he sees the form he will never catch it, for it will elude him by taking on yet another form.”


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