8.3.22 Age 8, 3rd Grade – Fear God vs Fear Self More

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dad what do we have rules no so people
can live together in peace and harmony
hmm I don’t know if we have too many
rules or not enough maybe we have too
many people and need more rules then we
have less freedom what do we do about
that Eddie you just put your small thumb
on a big question
you ever try to think of just nothing
yeah pretty hard isn’t it
yeah something always keeps sneaking in there

.. the more you count time, the less valuable it becomes….

Today is March 8 2022 – in 3rd Grade Start Fearing Self

The Courtship of Eddie’s Father 1969-1972

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This writing is about today – 3.8 March 8th 2022, the summer of being seven for the last time, entering 3rd grade and losing fear of God in exchange for fearing self more. March 8th 2022, is the 61st time I have seen a March 8th.

They all were the same until I thought about it more deeply and remembered about turning 8 and the summer before starting third grade. A time where God becomes replaced as the scary one, with one’s self.

As it turns out looking back, the third grade entrance and the turning 8 years old were more important then I could have realized. It is the transition from all your choices being made for you to learning that you will be making choices for yourself.

In 2022 we surround our precious with Leopards, Q Gender Mauve, Holy Orange, Blue thinking and a cold red heart. Times are evolving.

It is an exit from childhood to the beginning of adulthood. The world and our peers help us trade fears of the Creator and our Creator ability, in exchange for worldly attachment and vanity.

A world full of references and attachments to those references, usually emotionally charged associations according to our current world view.

References and Associations

As I learned all the references and associations and all the ways to co-exist with the world and thrive, according to the teachers, there was always a conflict to be observed. The conflict appears ongoing and unstoppable but deep in my heart was a stronger urge that said that was not true.

There had to be a happy blend between the pureness and fearlessness of a child and the dullness and fears of an adult. The most obvious way seemed to me, to lose the doll-ness, the dullness and the fears.

As children we were all children and equal went together. We only learned how special we were at home. But whenever we played with other children we are equal and there is no separation. Once we enter 3rd grade and become eight, the ideas and methods of separating ourselves into unique beings with unique needs and desires is installed. The reference to group or community is made but mostly in passing. Various conditions can change which year you remember this happening to you.

Modern Community Obligation

In less modern cultures, we continue to see the emphasis being put on community and the obligations of each member of it. In more modern cultures we continue to see the emphasis being put on self and selfish desires. All the while, modern western style peoples pretend to be communal with various proclamations and pseudo actions.

Modern westerners lean on technology, science, academia and media for validation and soothe their cognitive dissonance with like minded peers. These afflicted and their peer groups spend countless precious Life moments in mundane and meaningless scapegoating others for their own flaws and making excuses for the miseries they are causing by ‘overlooking’ what the harms of their actions are.


The action of blaming others and overlooking or looking past obligations and injuries caused leads to bigger messes that are more difficult to repair.

Any Man or Woman can end this cycle of destruction by being accountable for their thoughts, actions and consequences. The first step in recovering from trauma world, where we are taught to overlook misery of people and our own.

This cannot end well without opposing actions or some intervention. One group is completely jaded and privileged and the other is completely jaded and tortured. Out of these two groups which one can stand unilaterally and speak for righteousness. We call on any and all leaders who want to know their true place in Creation and what to do next.


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