Emphyton – Impetus of Human/Kind – God Delivered

This is not a Test

Things are becoming more than dicey. A challenge has come to meet us. Two challenges – both named Impetus/Emphyton. One is new and one is old. One recognizes natural antagonism. One recognizes man made conflict. One is a Man’s destiny. One extends Man’s density.

  • In 1962, This Is Not a Test was a movie about nuclear destruction for 25 motorists stopped on the side of a LA outskirts mountain road.
  • In 2008 a remake was made about a nuclear annihilation of LA and two groups confronting the possibility.
  • The 70 best ( end of the world movies ) of all time
  • Ancient Saqquara Sepheum
  • The Giza Electricity Plant
  • Sumerian Alien Guests

Ancient civilizations were using technology. The electricity plays the featured role in the cataclysmic endings of recent cultures. Whatever role nature has in the destruction, Man’s electricity has as big a hand in it. All the made up and altered histories and broken timelines lead to….

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