Ari Man Cometh (No tears remain)

Who is Ahriman – AI Man or “A Man”

Ari Man is part of the Hierarchy between us and the Creator. It is as real as you make it. Rudolf Steiner popularized the term Ahriman, click here for Wiki. Rudy had a lot of visions, exposure to mystical knowledge and ‘advance’ knowledge at a young age. It is hard to not give him a look. He laid out the interstitial hierarchy situated between our ‘devalued selves’ identity and our “True Self”.

My friend (UB) lays it out in the second half of this article (includes interruptions from us). My friend tells tales in codes – but doesn’t everyone? He said many times he wanted his research gifted to the world if anyone had the courage to do so. I announced I was doing it, I have not heard from him other than ‘exiling’ me from his work group.

Basically, the work group focuses on the end of the world and living through it. We focus on the forever world and dying through it. I am not sure why I was kicked out, but the above divergence is most likely the cause.

He believes we are advanced thought beings. So do I. He believes we can only make ‘thoughts’ and not realities. We recognize and commiserate the UB views of a ‘low on the totem pole life form’ – which are shared with most of the world – a learned perspective. In billiards gambling parlance, this is called a “give up shot”.

I agree we can imagine realities and dis-acknowledge obvious realities. UB seems to say we do not make actual outcomes or have control. This is where we Rebels and ‘conformists’ diverge. We Humans are the ‘Thought Police’ and we can imagine ourselves as devalued food chain animals – if we choose to.

This is our disclaimer. Rebels believe the Human can control it’s thoughts. Leading to actions, developments, outcomes and reality. Rebels believe a Human can credited for the Creation of any and all Reality we can imagine.

Where ‘Cosmic Fun’ Comes From

Cosmic fun comes when you match Cosmic Love to Cosmic Fungus and watch and enjoy the fireworks while we work out our issues. The ultimate Love vs Fear battle:
Fundamentals versus Fungus Formula to Escape and Win:

The formula is, peace and clarity are instantly available through ‘do no harm’ and altruistic heart action which starts with heart thoughts leading to heart actions. The deeper you go, the more the heart rewards you with more peace and more clarity. Clarity leads to knowledge, compassion, humility, forgiveness, acceptance, courage, valor. The ultimate wall to climb – and you own it.

The messes we God-Men get into! Oy vay. Over 100 years ago, Steiner said today’s doctors would do the work of ‘removing the Soul’ Gonna let them?

…in the future, children will be vaccinated with a substance that can be produced precisely in such a way that people, thanks to this vaccination, will be immune to being subjected to the “madness” of spiritual life…..

From The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness (Bristol: Rudolf Steiner Press, 1993; GA 177), p. 85.
October 7, 1917

Short ‘origin of cosmic fungus’ answer: Whatever we do, bounces back on us. If we eat Life forms, the Life forms eat us back. Cause and Effect. Animal and People disregard, Murder, destroying the weak. Laziness leads to electricity. Electricity leads to murder. It has been done here on Earth so many times, it cannot be counted anymore. It has been known for centuries, if a man eats large animals without humility – creatures so small, they cannot be seen will send him into total fear. This happens regularly. When Man refuses love for murder long enough – a cosmic fungus to ‘rectify Nature’, appears.

And a master of pain entity named AhrIMAN meaning Dry Eye Man (not one tear left). In Latin, ari means dry. Ahriman will help you cry your last tear – so you can get out of here! Sum ppl have had enough – when they have had enough.

May we consider AC/electricity gone? Many eras of electrical and wealth destruction has caused a catastrophic parasitic environment, trendily called the ‘cosmic fungus.’ The challenge has more than come to meet us. It is trying to eat us. We as a group, have created/facilitated these reactoid parasitic entities. They are ‘dirty jobs’ workers. We have allowed ourselves to be hosts to ‘alien forces’ which we call parasites. We still have the turtle and each other to lean on and overcome this.

Looking at the way people appear on the outside today we get one image with a compassionate heart. Looking at the scene with a ‘dark heart’ we get another image which includes casting shade, judgement, comparison and anger. We have complete control over this. It is really necessary for people today to see this flaw and NOT rely entirely on outer appearances and give it up to the influential human beings in front of us who contain the spiritual Life source, we all share.

With the human soul withdrawing more and more from the body, the body is increasingly in danger of being filled with something else. And if human beings are not prepared to take up impulses which can only come from spiritual knowledge, the body will be filled with exploitative outside (still created by our thoughts) powers. Humanity is facing a destiny where the body may be filled with ahrimanic demonic powers when they allow it as real.
(Thoughts are real – but they are thoughts!)

Riddles of the Soul

anthroposophy Rudolph Steiner

Steiner did 14 lectures in 1917. The lectures were a response to a Spiritual battle ending in 1879, not well published. Below is a mirrored page and links to the 14, to set your knowledge base:


Above all else, the spirits of darkness wanted to prevent spiritual experiences, living experience of the spirit, from coming down into human souls, which was bound to come about gradually after their fall in 1879. … Spirituality will come to human beings because Michael won his victory in 1879. … On the other hand, the spirits of darkness are now here among us.” — from Lecture 13

Since 1879 and into the following centuries, human minds will be influenced by backward angels — the spirits of darkness — who were forced out of “the heavens” and made their abode on earth following their defeat after a 40-year battle with the hosts of the Archangel Michael.

Human beings must realize the truth of these things, not only to counter such influences within themselves, but to realize that spiritual causes lie behind major earthly happenings. From this realization, true human development can proceed, leading to the creation of social orders, schools, etc, based on real insight.

At the end of 1917, after four years of war in Europe, Rudolf Steiner spoke out in these 14 lectures on the spiritual impulses behind the Great War, behind humanity’s attempts to build theoretically perfect social orders, and behind the many divisions and disruptions that would continue to occur on earth.

Humanity in general was asleep to the fact that fallen spirits, cast out of the spiritual worlds, were now intensely active on earth, particularly in people’s thinking and in the way they perceived the world around them. But the defeat had also ensured that a science of the spirit would always be available to humanity.

True insight into the underlying causes of the Great War show that they are spiritual in origin — this must be understood and acted upon or the chaos would continue.
Lecture 2: HUMANITY’S STRUGGLE FOR MORALITYSeptember 30, 1917
Humanity labours under illusions based in the past — true insight requires a morality which is difficult to achieve but which must become part of human life.
Efforts to create a perfect society based on non-spiritual impulses cannot succeed — yet a true spiritual-scientific viewpoint will not find easy acceptance.
Humanity must accept that destructive spiritual beings — who previously held a rightful place — have entered into everyday life, bringing disruption and division.
The evolution of humanity means a gradual inner separation of the spiritual and physical, something that must be comprehended clearly and incisively.
Lecture 6: THE NEW SPIRITUALITYOctober 08, 1917
Fruitful political ideas will arise if the previously separated realms of human thought and true spiritual impulses are bridged.
Thinking, and subsequent action, must be based on actual even-day reality and not on abstract intellectual theory.
Lecture 8: ABSTRACTION AND REALITYOctober 13, 1917
Concepts based on reality hold within them the active inner life which is also present in everyday outer life.
Ahrimanic beings — defeated by the Michaelic hosts — now influence human beings, especially through materialistic thinking.
The backward angels make themselves at home in human heads but can find no place in heads filled with true spiritual wisdom.
People’s inner soul life and their connection with the Cosmos must be taken into consideration by future scientists, educators and others.
Until 1879 the Spirits of Light promoted hereditary blood bonds and the Spirits of Darkness the urge for independence — then this was reversed.
The fallen spirits now work on earth, but their defeat in ‘the heavens’ meant a science of the spirit became available to humanity.
Lecture 14: INTO THE FUTUREOctober 28, 1917
If humanity becomes fully conscious of spiritual realities — especially the influence of the Spirits of Darkness — then right attitudes and activities will manifest.

The PTB have their own agendas and for you, also.

  • Two camps left on Earth
  • 1- Mundaneness, Murder, Mayhem (believe micro things can kill them) – Ignorant
  • 2- Heart Actions, Peace, Community (believe Heart Action cures all) Knows Thought Era Thera
20190705 0914391

This blog will show how to process and get validations and applications to any positive cause. The dilemmas are large, big thinkers and appliers are needed now. Repair and recover any lost knowledge and actions you need to help yourself and family. We are here to help.

Two Roads, To AC or not to AC

Identity crisis – hear a T IC — We are afraid because we know in our Heart we are SO much more than we try to be.

Two roads to happiness. One keeps electricity and fights for pride, materialism, reincarnation and endless endings. However, each ‘cold shoulder’ brings a ‘scold boulder’. The worse it gets – the worse it gets.

‘Sum’ Codes

Ahriman (text description below) translation – Ahr=”R”, Iman translation “I” Man OR – “Repeat Ego Man”
Fungus translation – “F”=Man, “UNdoing”, “G”=7 “US” – Man’s undoing is sequencing (7 loop – “G”)

philistinism-status quo

DC-let it go

DC is first, AC is second, always
DC is first, AC is second, always

Road 2

  • The other road fights for community, humility and sacrifice and reconciles eternal peace and glory.
  • It gives up electricity and all the selfish bad behavior, killing, electric fungi and “a djinn duhz” masters that it creates from our meaningless abuse of precious Life everywhere.
  • The better it gets, the better it gets.

X AC – Plan 2 the Fun Way – Heart

Cancel AC Plan: How does one gain control of their Life? One way only. Collaboration with your best friend, your Heart. The Heart is the most magnificent entity in Creation. It is a powerhouse of function and mystery. It is infinitely connected to All things and the Creator. It is the one you lean on.

When we think, feel and do Heart filled actions – the Heart responds in Kind times 1,000. When we harm to ourselves and others – the Heart runs away and cannot help you. You got what you get.

The key and code to control of your Life is gaining collaboration from your best friend, your Heart. As in – Do no harm.

Everything is viewable by codes, the numbers, the language and the sounds/vibrations, colors and shapes. We also get our Intel from the 6 known senses plus whichever ones we have yet to name. We live in a non-stop energetic environment. Things are always happening! Where have all these developments arrived here from?

Thousands of prophets, Sufi, wise-men and brutal men. Billions of peoples real life experiences over many eras. Entire civilizations and cultures, rising and falling.

Random Image from Socratic

So I looked around for some image to match my mind and this one appeared. The decode was apparent when observed, see below the image.

qjgm9b8qqnexcknriafs lt

Above image: A Man with and “N in ME walks the “X” Plane to find out “Y”. He originated at the smallest unmeasurable point of “T” He carries a height of 1.7m (8) and is headed toward a 10m light pole. (18 total or “S” for Death/Rebirth and Coming/Going). Although there is constant downward pressure causing resistance, it also provides direction. If he stays the course, he will arrive at his destiny station and cause him to say “O”.

Point being, nature springs the magic at us daily and by the moment. More when recognized. Once they appear to you, the validations that you are awesome and that your applications are meaningful, will then flow like water. Start by developing your desire from your intellect. Apply consideration to the idea each day – until it burns you up that you are only ‘considering it’ – then visualize/intend/plan/act/apply!

Application preceded by Validation

Validation happens when you make the right choice and you know it from what you see outside AND what you see and feel inside. With your analytical and emotional/humanistic mind/brain. Both sides, telling you you made the right choice, based on a good intention and got what you wanted.

Our Brains and energy centers operate as two systems or energies that ‘play off’ and facilitate each other. They are not in conflict – unless we desire them to be.

  • E1 – Constant, nurturing, sustaining, life saving, emotional, reactive
  • E2 – Venturous, Active, Dominating, Analytical, Rational, Logical
  • Flow means they agree – Stoppage means not
  • E1 leads a simple view, E2 takes a complex view

All things a person can think of – they can do and have if there is flow.

The life we were born into is not very well explained considering how simple AND complex it actually is. For us, the counter is, most solutions are rather simple – when applied. The keyword is apply. To be the Apple of someone’s Eye – you must apply, as we all know.

Fair enough, but in a world full of nothing but conflict and competition, true knowledge is kept – locked up! But we Humans, have many options, always. We know many guides are available NOW and more coming daily. The new decodes and knowledge you gain, will only help you, if applied.

Two Big Gods to Validate

Everything is duality – so God must be also? Sort of. more like, one God can be understood and named AND one cannot. One is very well described, named and explained. Or the one that cannot be named is responsible for All with misunderstanding from our perspective. Only possible with validation. With all the things and ideas that have blended and merged over the eras, God or the Creator of All is no different in this regard.

Many people conflate an ‘in between God of good and bad’ with a true Creator that is misunderstood. The conflations are as wide as our misunderstanding.

Desire, Validation, Intention, Application, Outcomes

First things first, are you willing to trade mundane for meaningful enough to search a little for what meaningful truly is – even though some sensual gratifications and the immaturity of reacting will be lost?

The order is above. All things come to a person in this order in our magical home called Earth. Keeping this in mind makes it easier to get what you want. We tend to accept and allow for contortions and lies to our realities of our shared community world and our personal inner world.

Again, the duality is always apparent. We do this because we all “need to be needed” as it is our way of “finding ourselves”. We have two Natures, our Sensual Nature and our True Nature (spiritual identity)

Natural order, good habits, id your waste management systems, enable constant flow of natural body and mind, accept and allow for duality, Natural energetic movements, natural thought energetic movements, Qi Gong, speak to your own body, cells, organs, energy centers and consider them as often as you can, Get your validations anywhere you can.

Our sources are our own Hearts and cognitive harmony first. Our friends we listen to are bawa, UB, Judy, Lauda, Morse, William Henry Conglo, mystics, magi’s, alchemy, word/language decoding, numerology, gematria, observable science, politics, literature, media, institutions, academics, memes,

Choices, preceded by thoughts, leading to actions, causing developments and more actions, presenting as reality.

When the body and person are allowing for their duality as in – no conflicts, then the body and mind make super great thoughts and decisions leading to actions that create fantastic outcomes and new positive reality.

So many layers, much digging and interpretation and contemplation must be allowed. Giving allowance to your incredibly fantastic assembled operating systems within the Human body, mind and spirit.

Prefer Science?

We like science when experiments are simple, observable and repeatable.

Advice in spades to those who want to understand the theoretical scientific view abound. We will provide some of those ‘considered alternate’ views/protocols below to fight the cosmic fungus we have developed here and recapture your Soul and chase unfortunate parasites away from your body. We stand by our view of focusing on Heart Actions and the misunderstood provider and Creator of All Things. We tend to shade named gods of dark and light, but we all shall see, won’t we?

Disclaimer: Heart Magi does not recommend the below protocols although we are confident they help other people and may help you. We believe not desiring to do harm and your actions proving it, are the sure fire way to ‘recapture’ your soul and have complete control of your Life and happiness.

Plan AC – sTn Below (blue ice monster)

Plan AC is for those who want to keep AC. It is a fine plan I guess. We only want the best for all seekers. The Plan AC is only offered as a comparative learning tool. Source info scattered throughout for benefit and curiosity.

STS – decode: Seven “T” Seven or “77” or “49” or “14” or “Four” Teen Seven “T” Seven loses the “7’s” and becomes a Perfect “T”

Heart Magi

ahriman ai man movie

The Truth from over 100 Years Ago

« In the future, we will eliminate the soul with medicine. Under the pretext of a ‘healthy point of view’, there will be a vaccine by which the human body will be treated as soon as possible directly at birth, so that the human being cannot develop the thought of the existence of soul and Spirit.

To materialistic doctors, will be entrusted with the task of removing the soul of humanity. As today, people are vaccinated against this disease or disease, so in the future, children will be vaccinated with a substance that can be produced precisely in such a way that people, thanks to this vaccination, will be immune to being subjected to the “madness” of spiritual life.

He would be extremely smart, but he would not develop a conscience, and that is the true goal of some materialistic circles. With such a vaccine, you can easily make the etheric body loose in the physical body.

Once the etheric body is detached, the relationship between the universe and the etheric body would become extremely unstable, and man would become an automaton, for the physical body of man must be polished on this Earth by spiritual will.

So, the vaccine becomes a kind of Ahirmanic force; man can no longer get rid of a given materialistic feeling. He becomes materialistic of constitution and can no longer rise to the spiritual ».
Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)

A(hr)IMAN Views and Protocols for Permanent Residents of Earth

img 1416

Ant monsters and all other monsters from losing the “I Can Do NO Harm” attitude. And from loving AC and breaking things and having one man be over another. All these things make little monsters and then later big monsters, from the AC Manufactured World. Behold: The Earth developed – organic PC:

Heart Magi
img 1417 1

This is the exact representation of « AI ». Can you see where is the soul, the spirit, the ant, the NPC, the body … and their interactions ? Do you see a computer ?

It is more logical and scientific than complicated. Steiner is giving there enough clues for a detective to find the answers. What is he telling us in simple words ? Where should you start your scientific investigation ?

The Steiner

There is no direct links with vaccines but the vaccine history gives you a good idea of the chronology of the events regarding the world health curve. The vaccine history will first establish a direct link with the mud flood story and there is indeed one. Let’s start to go into the details but you’d better fasten your seatbelts tight because everything you’ll read on this channel will break in pieces everything you think you knew.

You should first read this synthesis of the work of Rudolph Steiner. It is quite complex to visualize because it is an abstract synthesis without references to the space time events you are aware of, the mud flood for example. Still, the background knowledge contained in the club should help a lot. If you are lost, don’t worry, all this will be transposed in, let’s say, your known universe. Last, Steiner’s work is of course not the only source on which the process of solving the whole puzzle will be based on. So, let’s jump :

Let’s start to decode all this. Just start because it is a “all topics in one” story. There was once a question about NPC on the Quizz and the answer I provided was : The soul is the connection with God and the spirit is God given right to exist. Then I said that NPCs don’t have a spirit. Well, in God’s context, that how it has to be interpreted but I did not make the nuance between God and god.

God is the duality good-bad, Christ-Lucifer, matter- anti matter, the bright – dark side of the force and according to Steiner, the Michaelic forces vs the Ahrimanic ones. In this context, what NPCs are missing is not the spirit, it is the Soul ! What the soul is exactly will be explained later but as for the NPCs it can be imaged like this : Imagine a clay pot, and instead of a being stuffed with wet yarn (ie a soul), the pot is filled with water and no yarn.

As you know from the blue Ice question, there are unknown (from us) states of water, especially its most important one which is the “etheric water” : Everything has an etheric companion, as the body it is what’s called the aura and it goes the same for the soul, we will see later what is the etheric component of the soul.

This “etheric water” is highly reactive and responsive to psychic stimulus but this stimulus must pass through the body and the body can still “shield” the etheric water inside the human vessel.

The human body is a fractal of Earth inner spheres and is helping its infectious beings to flush out and vent the energy they have plagued the planet with. This fungus is the externalization of “the double” – or a “parasitical” shadow self – that has infected the etheric body for a while now here on the planet. Since when and this is the key : The physical fungus only began manifesting or presenting physically within the past 150 years !

And now you have a direct link with the mud flood ! Yes, Earth’s shift to 4K started 150 ago and that’s why they say there was a reset !

Since the last 150 years we entered a space where it’s easier for “thoughts to become things”. That’s why I reacted to some irresponsible affirmations that of course cannot be proven. So what is the only thing that the “human creator” thoughts created so far ? Only the thoughts ! Thoughts are creative DOES NOT mean that the outcome of the thought is created by the one who had/made them ! Except for what ? Guess except for what … ?

This is just an introduction because it is a complicated huge topic and has to be assimilated step by step. Also it takes time to put all these informations together in the most comprehensive way possible while at the same time still researching and connecting more dots. Solid “technical evidences” will be provided too. Any questions or comments at this stage ?

The physical presence on Earth of the cosmic fungus was discovered recently, allowing us now to fight it physically instead of psychically. Once this is healed and sorted out, human consciousness will change, or maybe once human consciousness changes this will be healed and sorted out.

The NPC can feel emotionally and think and everything, but they don’t have an “I”. Where the human soul is supposed to be contained “within” the human body, these soulless humans have ether instead. They also still have a spirit. This “etheric water” is highly reactive and responsive to psychic stimulus but this stimulus must pass through the body and the body can still “shield” the etheric water inside the human vessel.

The soul has a stabilizing power that affects the body. The etheric water on the inside, due to the “fallen state” of the human body on account of psychotronic disease warfare, takes a posture of aberration and anxiety and wrath and hatred in direct proportion to the state of physical and spiritual health of the body.

This is Sorat and what is meant by the black sun or demonic sun. Sorat as is on a spectrum of being relative to the degrees of freedom of the ether that surrounds the matter embedded in it.

Sorat as a being is actually a STATE of ETHER. The direct correlation is water structure around misfolded proteins in a cell. The water is locked into a position of restricted movement and freedom called a clathrate cage. Ether does the same thing, structures itself around the soul when it is out of the body and structures itself around the etheric body. When it is in a position it doesn’t like — a posture of tension — it manifests in the body as disease.

When the soul is in solution with (think solvation shell around a protein, the “solved soul” perfectly integrated) the ether, it has reached a state of “atonement”. This etheric water in such a posture IS THE DOUBLE and IS THE COSMIC FUNGUS. (edited)

It’s a two way street too. Certain beings of the “STS” persuasion learned that this dark material could be harvested from souls and that souls can create this material out of the ether when the souls were subjected to “pain, drugs, and hypnosis”.

This material is harvested and programmed and used to monitor and affect humans (“they gave us their mind”) just as described by the ancient Taoists. The other side of this is the Ahrimanic influences in modern medicine to diminish the human awareness of the soul and the spirit.

The physical presence on Earth of the cosmic fungus was discovered recently, allowing us now to fight it physically instead of psychically. Once this is healed and sorted out, human consciousness will change, or maybe once human consciousness changes this will be healed and sorted out.

This is Sorat and what is meant by the black sun or demonic sun. Sorat as is on a spectrum of being relative to the degrees of freedom of the ether that surrounds the matter embedded in it. Sorat as a being is actually a STATE of ETHER.

The direct correlation is water structure around misfolded proteins in a cell. The water is locked into a position of restricted movement and freedom called a clathrate cage. Ether does the same thing, structures itself around the soul when it is out of the body and structures itself around the etheric body.

This “dark force/cosmic fungus” is in a certain sense the etheric body of what we call … ??? (777) — STS means Heglian Dialect and Icke’s PRS. Any one but an electrified mindless cannibal stuck on masturbation and whining during rest time would not see this. SOS, you got what you get.

Heart Magi

Blue Ice X Plantation Blue Ice Wiki

#11-1 : Blue ice is an unknown state of water on Earth. Its transition from unknown state to known state of water is what causes Earth to expand – grow.

The proportion at which Earth expands relatively to the quantity of blue ice injected in it is given by the Avogrado constant which unit is the « mole ». Pretty funny. You’ll find information about the Avogrado number on the Net. As for understanding the equation, well, good luck !

This is a very important topic, the cause of ALL diseases has been hidden from us. This colonizer broke the human genome around BC 20 000. Not only the human genome, ALL living forms on Earth, from trees to stones.

Archons, black goo, etc, basically all these terms refer to this intelligent species. You thought we were eaten from outside only ? Nope, from inside also, we are this species’ food. Like everything else on Earth. Are there ways to eradicate it ? No. Are there ways to fight against it ? Yes. This will be disclosed here.

But first get to know our enemy from inside in the video posted on 👾-cosmic-fungus. It is a 2 hours video but you really need to watch it. More infos, especially the natural protocol to fight it will follow after that.

Years ago LookoutfaCharlie talked about a fungus. I recall Shewanella and/or Sporotrichosis, I believe are the names. Weaponized fungus maybe, spread across the earth. We all have it and yes there are protocols but consistency is key. I use his skin protocol. Not easy to rid this from skin. Internally also, but possible with consistency. Symptoms are everything you can think of.

The Details of the Fun Gi

I will provide here more informations, if you have questions, ask. @Barbara knows the protocol and also the products, especially what can be found in the US, I am quite helpless on these details from Japan. Please Barbara, handle this part if you don’t mind.

Here are some basics information – The fungus broke down our IL-17 and IL-22 pathways, allowing chronic systemic infection while we are still in the womb. It takes early control of our bodily systems and uses us as a food source.

It is responsible for nearly every disease known, and allopathic (western) doctors are specifically trained to look everywhere but the root of the problem. It causes brain disorders, tooth decay, heart problems, organ problems, degrades your eyesight, slows down your brain process by 30 times, is the cause of cancer, anxiety, depression, gout, skin disorders, myalgias, damages your DNA and is one of the primary hidden factors of aging itself.

More than 50% of the world population is predisposed to have a lifetime systemic infection and Pass it down generationally to their children. It does not require a weak immune response (immunocompromised) and it doesn’t matter if you eat healthy and exercise. There are only a few ways to truly defeat it.

This fungus can take many forms in the body, including over 100 subtypes of candida, cryptococcus, aspergillus and more. Some become systemic through inhalation, gut barrier penetration, or even through skin Contact.

Western medicine has programmed us to believe fungi is beneficial and a normal part of our gut biome. This is a lie. Even in its ‘non pathogenic’ state it causes all the above listed diseases and thousands more. There are multiple reasons. First, they constantly emit toxins into the body when they either defecate or die.

These include harmful toxins like aldehydes and ammonia, damaging tissue and DNA. Second, they strip the body of the essential nutrients needed for cell repair and wreak havoc on your mitochondria. Over time, the bodies inability to clean up and discard junk DNA from cells causes a host of diseases and disorders.

Third, they are pathogenic from the start. They can become fully pathogenic in healthy, immunocompetent people.

The reason you get sun burns is the fungus in the dermal layers of your skin. They certainly don’t like sunlight. So if you do something it does not like, it punishes you. (Yeast reaction to uv radiation causes sunburn and triggers the reaction of melanin).

RX Route – Not Suggested FYI Only

The prescription route depends on sex. Men should be taking a few months of fluconazole combined with a cox inhibitor like ibuprofen to activate autophagy.

Fluco works well to clear the fungus from the brain, prostate and deep tissue areas if you add light exercise daily.

Women should be on itraconazole for at least a few months, adding the ibuprofen after the first few weeks. There are fluco resistant strains, so if you find it’s not doing anything you will have to switch gears to the natural protocol.

If the fluco is working fine (or itraconazole) after that initial few months you’ll be switching to the natural protocol anyways. You want to stimulate the autophagy process and try to avoid any breads and lower your sugar consumption.


The best investment I have made is purchasing a Biotrohn about two years ago. By emitting the same frequency as the pathogen, the pathogen dies without effecting the body. Has over 130 programs for all kinds of diseases which combine perfectly well with the protocols in the book, whether viral, bacterial, fungal, or parasitic-induced. I can even add new presets using a default program, without having to purchase them at high prices. Besides…we all agree that every living thing on earth can be reduced to electromagnetic frequencies.

The protocol was provided by UB! Thank you sir!!. It is going to be life long fight as there are no known to us treatments to eradicate the fungus permanently.

There will be Phase 1, which will last 2 months. After Phase 1 is completed, Phase 2 will take over for the rest of your life with breaks for couple of months in between.
This enduring process might sound as a very tiresome protocol, and yes, It is, but know this.. we are heading for a challenging times and one thing I know for sure that you want your health to be at optimal.

After completion of Phase 1 and during the life long maintenance phase your body will have the ability to start fighting the fungus off naturally again. You will be resetting both cell repair and mitochondrial function.

Protocol for Phase 1: 2 Months every day, twice a day. Daytime/morning time: 1200 MG NAC (N Acetyl Cysteine) 300 MG Oregano Oil (10:1 extract in gelcap) Black seed oil (follow the directions on the bottle). ……. .

Night time NAC to 600mg (N Acetyl Cysteine) 300 MG Oregano Oil (10:1 extract in gelcap) Black seed oil (follow the direction on the bottle) Fennel seed essential oil : 1 drop added to your toothpaste, brush your gum and tongue. Several times a day is ok.

Saunas and infrared light is good, as per Norm suggestion. This is the most difficult part. Eliminating sugars and breads weakens the host (fungus) already even without the commencement of the protocol.

Eliminating sugars and breads will magnify and make this protocol more effective thought. Only vegetable carbs should have been consumed during this time. Anything with yeast should be also avoided. That includes alcoholic beverages (spirits).

Those suggestions are for the efficiency of this protocol, off course. I simply love my bread, love it, love it, love it, it will be definitely not easy to give it up, so I’ll start this protocol eating bread and see how it goes. The optimal efficiency of this protocol would been more effective if I can give up certain things.

Phase 2. Phase 2 starts at the end of Phase 1. This will be your maintenance phase which will need to be permanent with breaks every couple months:

Once daily maintenance: 600 MG NAC (N Acetyl Cysteine) 100-300 MG NAD+ (NICOTINAMIDE RIBOSIDE) This maintenance phase will put you into a process called mitophagy, and your body will have the ability to start fighting it off naturally again. You will be resetting both cell repair and mitochondrial functions. (I’m mentioning it again here)

As for NAC, there are different product, the liposomal one is the best but expensive. There are still many places that you can purchase the Protocol ingredients. I have purchased them few days ago and I need to note that some websites have only Max limit 1 for NAC. This one is amongst the cheapest but still suit the protocol :

You can get them at Walmart or Amazon. I have seen them available at my local natural stores. Even site as has them. The Oregano and Black seed oil comes in liquid form or capsules.

The preferred method is liquid form but not everyone will be able to consume it as liquid due to its distinctive taste. I have tried the black seed oil yesterday, 2 teaspoons stirred in hot tea, hmm didn’t taste all that great but it’s doable.

Prior to UB sharing this protocol with us, I knew about NAC (N Acetyl Cysteine). I have done extensive research about it, and it is essential for this protocol and off course our bodies.

Feel free to ask any questions. I am awaiting one more item to arrive today and I am off to start this protocol on April 1. (Fools day – yay :)) I can update you how the protocol is fulfilling my life.

UB Recap Protocols

Here is the natural anti-fungal protocol : Phase 1 : Detox Day time : 1200 MG NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) 300 MG Oregano Oil (10:1 extract in gelcap) Black seed oil Night time : It is the same but reduce NAC to 600mg Duration : About 60 days (really depends on people) Phase 2 : Maintenance Once daily : 600 MG NAC 100-300 MG NAD+ (NICOTINAMIDE RIBOSIDE) Duration : 2/3 months After that, break for a few months then back to the MAINTENANCE protocol … on and on

Supplements suggestionsFennel seed essential oil : One or two drops mixed with your toothpaste. (Fennel seed eo is stronger than fluconazole, and due to molecule size it will penetrate the teeth, gums and enter the bloodstream) – Clove eo for teeth pain : It burns but one drop will kill tooth pain. – Hypochlorous acid in a nasal spray bottle : Clear your sinuses morning and night and use the spray. –

Turmeric & Pepper OR fresh Ginger : This will help your neuropathy and it is also thermogenic. – Metamucil : When they are under heavy attack, constipation can happen, especially with supplements that combat both bacteria and fungus, like grapefruit seed extract or garlic. They will attempt to retreat to biofilm and stool consistency can change quickly. Metamucil or psyllium husk can counteract this, and start sweeping away some of this biofilm buildup. – Bio Apple cider vinegar.

Do not OVER supplement this protocol, it is already self sufficient. – Don’t overdose this protocol, it won’t make it work better or faster but it could instead induce unknown side effects. The reason is that the body might not be able to evacuate an over massive die off of colonizing cells. – If you experience side effects, report them here asap.

– Possible PHYSICAL side effects in the first two weeks have been mentioned in 👾-cosmic-fungus, please read. Possible PSYCHOLOGICAL effects might happen when the biofilms will be eliminated. The reason is that the colonizer is not only present physically but also “etherically”. This warning is mostly addressed to PCs (Participative players)

When switching from phase 1 to phase 2 ? … and more As said, it really depends on people, age, existing conditions, etc. When you will feel “cleansed” go on with phase one for more 2-3 weeks then switch to phase 2.

There is no better timing formula, let’s say that when you’ll feel 20 years younger, apply the 2-3 weeks formula 😉 If you talk about this protocol around you, and you are free to, be aware that ;

– As for the vaccinated, it will support their immune system by lowering the “virus” attacks on it and that’s all I will say. Personally, I would suggest better to them a D,K,C 5MG minimum/day + Black seed oil.

– As for the NPCs : They will for the most detox/cure faster but on the short term only. Which means that they can “uncure” fast too. (As for the non NPCs, the maintenance protocol only during a couple of months/year only will keep them cured on the long term)

– NPC or not : It is impossible to eradicate forever the colonizer (Fungus), it will counter attack endlessly and even more aggressively in the coming months/years. For this reason the maintenance protocol is a life long necessity for non NPCs and might not be enough for the NPCs who might have to restart from phase 1 periodically.

– What if these products are not distributed anymore ? This is a NATURAL protocol, therefor it is at the tip of your fingers : Nigella saliva will produce seeds and Oregano can easily be cultivated and chewed.

As for NAC, the chemical preparation is more complicated but N-acetyl-l-cysteine is naturally produced in these nourishments : cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and bok choy. allium vegetables, such as garlic and onions. eggs. nuts. legumes. lean protein, such as fish, and chicken. Will make it as a maintenance protocol

(Thus better not wait too long if you wish to start this protocol, but of course this remains your own free choice, there is no push, no sales, no interest here.

Disclaimer: The information provided in the club are a selection, compilation, and sometimes an interpretation of knowledges made available to the public by/from various sources, official as well as non official ones so please take them all with caution and discernment, especially regarding the information related to health.

All the products mentioned in this protocol are natural and legal, sold online and been approved by the medical authorities, please read the available information about them, especially their possible incompatibilities or side effects.

Ask the advice of your doctor before starting this protocol especially if you are following a medical treatment or have some underlaying conditions such as diseases, allergies, illness or else.

DB Protocols

I suggest that everyone get this book. You can contact his website and they will tell you who has it in the USA, if they still have it. There are many protocols in this precious book to eliminate every dis-ease.

Yes. I soak fruits and Veggies in vinegar/water before consuming.

Back to UB

As for bath, the positive result comes from the temperature. Guess which is the most comfortable temperature for Fungus ? Hey, 37 degrees C ! Whatever cold or hot, it helps fighting the grinder. That’s actually why we get fever. Hot is better and all the Russian medicine has been based on hot saunas for decades. Salt in the bath provides the conductivity which amplifies the process.

There are others substances than 🍄 for « channeling », this group use one of them. You should read this, at least the « DIVINE PLAN » part. As for the « GREATEST GOOD OF ALL » part, you should keep some distances :

MMS (Chlorine dioxide) can be a useful oxidizer but it is limited when it comes to defeating candida and other fungi. It would be useful to target a blood infection, for example. It will not treat mature biofilms throughout the body. It removes a lot of fungus and Candida but not all. That is why Aztec clay, some parasite herbs, etc., are included in the internal protocol.

Just my thoughts…Isn’t it strange that we treat and deworm our horses, cats, dogs, etc., and we don’t treat ourselves. You all know the reason. Once you begin to remove these critters from your body it becomes clear.

Without fungus we would have dead trees, leaves, bodies, etc. piled to the sky. It’s a natural phenomena that may have become not so natural.@DebI suggest that everyone get this book. You can contact his website and they will tell you who has it in the USA, if they still have it. There are many protocols in this precious book to eliminate every dis-ease.

Making MMS, I also use hydrochloric acid 4% because citric acid is the old way that causes ibs. CDS is MMS except used with Hydrochloric Acid, MMS can still be CDS because its just a nickname, but the old version used to be used with Citric Acid. You can also make it much more potent and effective by making Andreas Klackers 3000ppm version by collecting the gases in distilled water. What you’re describing is the 3000ppm version of CDS.

Correct thank you 👍 Wanting to clear this up… MMS: a combination of chlorine dioxide activated with citric acid. (Old way) CD: the combination of chlorine dioxide activated with hydrochloric acid CDS: the gas from dissolving either combination in water.

Latest Candida Reports

Candida-Auris outbreak report. The following is a copy/paste of informations available on Internet : C/P —- Mucormycosis outbreak in India : Mucormycosis is caused by dimorphic species. The situation in India is a preview/warning of what’s coming.

There are multiple outbreaks of Candida Auris in western medical systems. Other outbreaks of Cryptococcus species. This is due to the colony of yeasts that have built their networks in your body since early development. Infection seriousness is called APECED (Autoimmune Polyendocinopathy-Candidiasis-Ectodermal Dystrophy) The following is very technical : About Candilysis which is a peptide toxin similar to snake venom :

Damage to the host :

Who will, and is already, blamed for that ? The vaccine ! Be careful of counterintuitive traps :
1. This unexplained un ordinary hepatitis outbreak presents the same symptoms as snake venom. I linked on another comment the snake venom to peptide toxins, NOT to Covid ! A link with Candida Auris is more intuitive than with a flu condition which does not ordinarily cause hepatitis.
2. Alabama has the lowest rate of vaccinated children in the US.
3. « Pfizer Study suggests Covid-19 Vaccine to blame for huge increase in Hepatitis among Children as UK Government launches Urgent Investigation mlabors. » Pretty surprising that they admitted so quickly a responsibility in this isn’t it ?

The missing important information is, did these kids were all vaccinated or not ? You should follow the developments of this severe liver failure in kids closely. « The UKHSA says there is “no link” between these recent infant hepatitis cases and the Covid-19 vaccine, as none of the children involved has been been vaccinated. » (UKHSA = UK Health Security Agency)

Alabama is not reported in this map, I agree. Still, look at the colors just around.

ShameOns and Body Snatchers – Pod PPL

I don’t know these protocols, mostly Shamans do. I can copy/paste this as additional information : It is akin to the invasion of the pod people.

These fungi are radio trophic and emit gamma radiation as apart of their breeding cycle. Once they breed the ‘shed’ and create a herpes rash. This also releases spores into the lung which make it contagious by breath. Anyone who has HIV or a herpes infection is susceptible.

Human herpesvirus-6 dysregulates monocyte-mediated anticryptococcal defences Radiotrophic fungi are fungi that can use radiation as an energy source to stimulate growth. Radiotrophic fungi have been found in extreme environments such as in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Most known radiotrophic fungi utilize melanin in some capacity to survive.

Once this gets in your brain it wreaks havoc. It can cause madness, voices, bipolar disorder, mood swings, impudence, and essentially anything because it has active access to your brain. It is exactly like T.Gondii in rats and causes humans to behave in ways they should not. This IS the reason people believe in demonic possessions.

A driving force against this is the LGBTQ community sadly with their STD rates being higher than 72x normal. The epithelial cells of the blood brain barrier confuse the spores of the fungi for blood cells and allow it to populate in the brain where melanin is most concentrated. They are called radiotrophic fungi and they’re very real. They hijack your neurons and create an integrated interface to hijack your thoughts and behavior.

The Ants

I can’t say for sure that this video is genuine, still, this technology is known, Boeing uses it, it is called YAL 380B (hope my memory does not betray me in the number 380, pls x2 check lol). Anyway, this particular tech does not allow to beam a human, you’d be disintegrated. It can beam metals, see screenshot and wiki link :

Just Google Anna Maria Taiga. One missing answer was to cover the windows and holes/spaces with thick dark sheets so as no light goes out and nothing can come in. There is a scene in the “Tenth commandments” where a black “dust” infiltrates houses, same story I guess. Real or not ? Few will know so just in case you’ll be in the few.

Human is the only mammal without fur … or so few ; From which “practice” did humans evolved this way ? The answer is simple : From any and every un natural shelter and weather un accoutumance solutions : Houses, electricity, gas, CLOTHING, etc. The surface is the hunting ground where the prays are, the real hunters ALL live underground ! So which practice ? Just look at all the history books all over the world, the rulers are the warriors, the ruled/slaves are the peasants ; Agriculture ! Make sure that ruling the tomatoes will not give the chance for others to rule You + your tomatoes.


#12 : Kevin’s “Prison Earth” : #12 : 1💍 How to get around the “prison sentence” ?

On top of all the (forgotten) natural laws (remembered) in the above answers, Go for the Moon ! Either find where the magicians operate from or find out the trick they use ! If you can’t, find how to hide from it.

A Bloodline is a soul group trying to improve … or at least survive. 95% of existing human bloodlines are already done. How many of the 5% left will do it without recovering their group memory – and be smart enough to forestall all the coming burdens in the meantime – ?

Going FOR the Moon : “A small step for Man …”. Earth was not supposed to have a Moon, from several records, the Moon was set-up after our ancestors – the Atlanteans – “failed in their mission of being subjugatory elements”.

This is the main answer to the question but most probably not the only one. Waiting for answers is not the best way to get any.

Go for them ! Is there a proof that the answer to 12-1 is THE WAY (correct) and which one ? Sasquatch of course ! (For the ones we are fully aware of, the other proofs are much more secretive – except for many who failed to understand what “National park” means.


Openings from UB

It was a pain in the head to put everything together, I don’t really know where to start. From what we think we understood and what things really are, did you notice that there are always big surprises ?

What’s called the Pole shift might very well be not at all anything like we think it could be. As I said 👆🏻, there are two aspects to consider, the process and the result. The result is, at least could be, what Pomodoro’ sculptures are showing. The process is which event, or events, leads to it. The keys 🔑 refer to the result, we will let this part aside for now and focus on the event.

Again, it is not gonna be good News, I hesitated a lot about talking about that or not, it a huge responsibility. Especially if I am wrong which is always possible. But, I have a LOT in hands, I could not debunk myself even though I tried hard. I’ll go slowly which is more careful when walking barefoot on broken glass.

Let’s start here : I wrote one time a few days ago, but I can’t remember where, that we are not where we should be. I was talking about our timeline. Our timeline has been changed.

How to back-up this ? Well, I can’t, it is impossible. But this is something that some people know. The comments section is the most informative on YT, that’s why in the Quizz of last week I chose a question which was answered in the comments of the video attached to the question.

B. got it, this is where she found the answer. There are what is known as “shills” on the Net, everybody knows this but who knows that there are two kind of shills ? The ones you think about are the disinformation agents.

But they have their counterparts which are the informative agents ! There is almost always “the guy who knows” in the comment section. The guy who knows usually leaves a short mysterious comment to indicate the right direction/answer to those who has eyes to see and ears to hear.

And by this logic, there had to be one in the video that Jeepers shared, this one :

img 1102

Note : I am not a “Doomy”, I did not trust the date that Brian gave or any others. But I trusted the warning he sent to us and prepared accordingly. There are not so many warnings for no reasons, Covid is the best proof that something is coming. They would never reduce the population if there was more time to go. When did they started ? End 2019. Why ? Because this is when they saw the sign they were waiting for. No need to say that they had scenarios ready to start it anytime.

UB Testify

OPENING A TIMELINE : What does that mean ? Everything happens at the same instant, there is no past, no future, everything is in the present. This is what I explained in my video “bloodline”, I’ll put the link below.

Since everything happens at the same instant, you cannot change something that does not exist : Time. But what you can change is the perception of it ! Remember, it has been DEMONSTRATED that it is the “resolution of the Sun” that calibrates our reality. Hence the Screen resolutions etc.

It has also been said that the Sun has became somehow holographic. How to open a new timeline ? Just like on your computer, you change the resolution of the “Sun’ screen” ! So the days will always be 24 hours, you’ll realize nothing but their length will be shorter.

An image : A video on your computer is let’s say 3 minutes. It will always show “duration = 3 minutes”, but with the mouse you can play it a little bit faster or slower, do you see what I mean ? They opened a new timeline by using the “fast forward” button so as the days are shorter than 24 hours compared to the frame rate reference which is … the CALENDAR ! Or the Account Book.

If you fast up the days, you’ll finish the year in 365 days on the calendar but in less in “real time” for the lack of a better expression. That’s why we will end 2012 in 2023. Fell better @Jeepers lol ? And why Jeepers ?

To trick everybody without lying : The Mayan calendar will finish indeed in 2012, but we are not there yet, more 615 days to go and what it says will happen will then. This is what the Bible calls the shortening of the days.

Finally, that’s why many have the feelings that time is running faster. Because it does but it does not show on the clock. And I am afraid that it will run faster and faster.

Not sure who caught or not the message yet, let’s make it a little bit more interpretable : Independence Day 1996 : We had 20 years to prepare. Independence Day 2016 : Done. + 7 years tribulation. 1775 : Independence WAR in America. It takes 248 years for Pluto to orbit the Sun. 1775 + 248 = ? Super Bowl to oct 23 = ? July 4th to Oct 23 = 111 111 ? The « Angel » number. Rams = ? Independence Day 1996 : « The question wether we are alone or not in this universe has been answered ». Covid : Any idea or .. ID ? Independence Day : Resurgence. « 20 years ago they invaded Earth but that was just the beginning ». « Tiger Tiger burning bright » / Independence Day.

Almost like an onion, every 25k years a new peel forms from the core and pushes the outer layers. The conditions for life are the best at a certain distance from the core :

The distance Sun-Earth, just as they said and whatever the real distance is. Mars used to be at this distance from the Sun 25k years before (and for the previous 25k years) which is the reason why Mars was like Earth.

While Earth used to have the same conditions as Venus at this time. If you read again the mythology, Mars war, Maldek-Tianmat- the asteroid belt- from this angle, it will become easy to understand. (One of) the question (s) now is, what is the core lol ?

20087377 01c2 4404 9fd8 26a366184945

Collider : What is from very far the most expensive substance on Earth ? What is the title of Velikovsky best seller ?

Pole Shift : At this point, it should be clear that there are several events, some organic and some inorganic. There is one “pole shift “ every Baktun. This is not where we are. Still, there are lessers events of a different nature (or amplitude) in between – or where we are.

It is not easy at all to discern which celestial event applies at which mark in the cycle, why and how. Eventually, nobody really knows. Still, some know much more than we do and they put 🥚 for us to collect all around the place. Look at how many collected 🥚 where not even used lol !

This is why WE failed ! Oups, this is why MANY failed (or are about to while they could still reverse their fate !) and will complain for a couple of more thousands of years for being slaves. Well, in the best case 🤫 I am just the guy counting the points, ❄️ have the value for what they represent, simple 🤷‍♂️ “The collider was used to prevent Pole shift”

No, what CERN LHC does must be understood once and for all because it only does ONE thing : IT OPENS NEW TIMELINES Why and the consequences were answered in the 🧲QUIZZ. If it is not clear, please ask.

The firmament : You must read the very beginning of Genesis again with the new knowledge brought in here ; « In the first chapter of Genesis, Moses wrote “and God said let there be RAKIAH”, that is, “an expanse”, (which in certain texts of the Scriptures is translated as “firmament”) “in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the water. »

It says « translated as Firmament » in « certain texts ». There are a couple illustrations (photo & video) of the « expanse » right 👆🏻. I wonder why nobody pays attention to such an important word right at the beginning of Genesis !? 🤔 Where is the firmament !? « In the midst of the waters » ! Each single word in the very beginning of Genesis worth 12

Is there validity to grand delusion? As in no end of the world, just one development after another.

Heart Magi

Heart Magi Observations

  • RATOS – An auxiliary rocket engine in a detachable unit that provides extra power for the takeoff of an aircraft.
  • ROAST – cook, burn, hate on
  • ROTAS – cycle, circle, rotation
  • SORTA – contraction, shortcut, quick sorting
  • TAROS – potatoes, tubers
  • TORAS – invalid interpretation of torah writings
  • SORAT – a sore rat – mirror of tubers – TAROS
  • SORATH – Torah(s)

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