God Whispered to me ‘Am I Immortal’ – Part 2

Immortality Proven  (Poly Tic) Poly See

This is the beginning of a series to answer the meaning of life and you. 14 Parts, this is Part Two on Immortality.

  • Empathy 
  • Am I Immortal– This Article
  • Where is God/One True Creator of All
  • Why did the Creator Make Creations
  • Who is Enemy or Friend
  • What are my Body and Eyes/Ears Telling Me
  • What is my Mind or Heart Telling Me
  • What is the Format of Human
  • What is the Purpose of a Human
  • Is it possible to lose Judgement of Others
  • What happened to religions
  • Who were the rebels for humankind
  • How to become a rebel for yourself and the world
  • Regarding All Lives as your Own

how does immortality become proven

  • Ghosts – spirit outside the body
  • Mind is outside of body per science
  • Astral projectors & NDE’ers have no brain activity
  • Common belief and philosophy
  • Church defines it as “…the separation of the soul from the body”
  • “unifying and vivifying principle” toward knowledge and will
  • spiritual nature of the immortal human is ‘abstraction’ and action follows being
  • a spiritual principle is required for thoughts of the immaterial
  • Our will strives for immaterial things, like prudence, justice, temperance, fortitude, etc
  • Our intellect reflects subject and object of knowledge
  • A tree dies – but not the idea/immaterial
  • All human history has immortality testimony
  • Common belief in Moral Law-Final Justice
  • Atheists change their minds
  • Our cells behave as immortals

What is Blood?

Blood is composed of mainly red and white blood cells. There have been detected, 10s of trillions of them in your body. Each cell contains within it, 100s to 1000s of distinct structures, each with it’s own specific function relating to the receiving and delivery of elements in….

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