Is “GQD” GOD, “gone wild” – 2DAY?

Is “GQD” GOD, “gone wild” – 2DAY?

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The beginning of the use of words shows a plot of basic communication of what is most important in the fundamentals of living the best life possible. We lost our way a little.

From Research:

GQD is ‘grapheme quantum dots’ – black goo weaponized

It is in the food, the doorways of businesses, on their shelves, in all packaging, in the air and water, emanating from the screens we use and within the myriad-ated infrastructure of man/hermetic designed/altered EM waves used to transport these tiny grapheme quantum dots. We are all infected.

Only ‘GREEN’ neutral, center focused energy from seeking Inner answers will cause these dots to lose their power over you.

Factors affecting blood / blood flow

the ‘skinny’

GQD have variated signal properties to interact your blood and proteins with ai/5g/net/blu-tooth and more – so you can show your boss and neighbor how much compliance and alliance – you are into.

Oh god, GQD is not GOD, it is graphite quantum dots.

Everyone has them in their blood now delivered by screens, waves, food, air, water and mostly covidvexxxxed. …the carbon nano tubes built from the GQD’s form superconductors and then serve as artificial AXONS. The CNT’s and hydrogels form circuits to comm with your neurons. .. the nano-sensors form in multitudes of shapes mainly in the blood cell walls. The nano-sensors propagate the electrical signals along the conductive routes formed.

Graphene quantum dots are micro-nanometer scale pieces of graphene or graphene oxide with circular, hexagonal, triangular… shapes that result from the decomposition or oxidation of graphene nanosheets.

• The GQDs, far from being a defect in the network, play a fundamental role, since their size allows them to function or operate as nano-antennas, but they also conduct through the circulatory system, arteries, veins, capillaries, acting as electrical markers, but also biological, since they adsorb proteins and other components present in the blood. These signals can be discerned and interpreted according to predefined mathematical patterns.

It is almost certain that the nanonetwork operates with multiple nano-routers that are distributed throughout the body, fixing themselves in areas with preferential electrical activity, for example the endothelium, heart, lungs,

• It is quite likely that each nano-router has its own MAC addresses, stored in
memory circuits, which would explain its dynamic operation.

• The ideal concept is for the nano-routers to be located close to the regions with nano-sensors and nano-antennas, to receive the electrical pulse signals.

code x

Plasmonic nano-antennas and various CODECs/nanointerfaces will have you become an organic CPU. Someone else’s owned CPU. Like you are owned and operated. JAlong with the CODEC QCA, plasmonic nano-antennas have been found that serve to boost and repeat the emission of the nanointerface. This is important for transmitting encrypted data packets outside the body. To do so, the skin barrier (dermis, epidermis…) must be overcome.

What is “Mon Key”

Unwrap It?

  • Change focus
  • Ignore the media
  • Find believable beliefs
  • Stop using devices.
  • Stop eating poisons.
  • Meditate on peace and intuition
  • Start as many face to face and eye to eye relationships as possible.
  • STOP getting tricked – learn.
  • Declare: “I want my life back and self determination and sovereignty regardless of the path I must follow!!”

Torn on the Light – and Fight!


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