Is Everything ‘Coming & Going’ – Franken-Stein

Is Everything ‘Coming & Going’ – Franken-Stein

Seriously, why is everything ‘coming and going’? Not just today, but all through history and inside almost every story – we see issues and dilemmas left unresolved. As if it is built into our Nature. Well, is it?

Janus is Old/New or Coming/Going

A Janus-word is a word with two meanings that seem to contradict each other: Cleave, means both “to stick together” and “to break apart;” the verb dust means both “to put dust on” and “to take dust off.”

Appropriate (v.) is “to take” from and also legislatively “to give (money)” for, but the giving is only in the process of taking it from the budget. It’s always a taking.

Income tax would tax breathing and heartbeats – it is really an outcome tax….and…

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What it means to you, why on…

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