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We live under Steen’s Mountain in SE Oh Ray Hon! (oregon). It is not really a mountain but it has a ton of anomalies on top of that – haha. It is least known for it’s most famous thing – it’s birth X,000 years ago (timeline not verified). It has been determined through validated evidence that there was a rapid pole reversal on Earth taking a total of about two weeks to completely reverse the North and South magnetic points.

CAPITALISM has never In and of itself been a problem. It’s unchecked capitalism that’s ever been an issue. Capitalism and it’s freedoms to create, develop, invent, innovate etc. Is what has made the United States the success it is. The freedom to create the best entertainment.. machines, industry, etc. has all been fueled by the incentive of Capitalism.

Unfortunately the concept of Capitalism by its own nature also…..

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