Electricity = Elect Tri Cities = ‘on the table’

Electricity = Elect Tri Cities = ‘on the table’

The 3 cities are the Ka’Ba’al.
They install beliefs and maintain Lies/Lives.
Their names are all variants of ROAM – LNDN city, VTCN city and DC city.

Why this matters to you..read on…

~us sr~ “U” Sequestering Sovereignty Response -US SR-

How to change anything, you ask, we can have agreements to base all next moves on..Here’s what we came up with, do you agree?


1. We intend peace, agreements and harmony in our action, behavior and planning/policy decisions.

2. We intend to live peacefully with equal opportunity and respect for each other.

3. We intend to adjust our behavior to end the mental entrapment of the media and institutions (gov, mil, bank, media, education, corporatism, mis-guided beliefs, promoters of AI/NWO)

4. We intend to establish freedom of privately held purpose to each human being – logical, intuitive or both!

5. We intend to ….

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