“S” Laughter is SLAUGHTER!- 50 yards or GOAL – Acorn vs A Korn

“S” Laughter is SLAUGHTER!- 50 yards or GOAL – Acorn vs A Korn

(human secrets revealed: — disgust and beauty inside same container
A “U” with and “S” overlaid, it is spinning, the :S: Pin)
– US

The Acorn

The Acorn is mysterious and has a ton of declarations attached to it. Summarily, it is considered a symbol of immortality and longevity but not Eternity or Pure Wisdom. It is part of a great Oak tree which stands tall and guards the land and provides harvest.

But the Acorn is not eternal, it is cyclical within a cyclical world. Ina way it is a korn from a tree. Yhe famous band Korn is derived from over hearing a gay male couple discussing inadvertently sharing corn though mutual analingus, so they thought it was funny.

EP 22 (for hour 2022) on the Steve O the band member confesses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFA06ZRpmFc or here https://tonedeaf.thebrag.com/jonathan-davis-nsfw-origins-korn-band-name/

In ancient text korn means a grain of sand: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/korn

  • “kernel, core”
  • “(butter) churn”
  • “grain of sand”
  • small particle
  • Icelandic: korn
  • Faroese: korn
  • Norn: korn
  • Norwegian Nynorsk: korn
  • Norwegian: (dialectal) konn, kønn, kodn
  • Norwegian Bokmål: korn
  • Old Swedish: korn
  • Swedish: korn
  • Danish: korn

The Tree

The tree is everywhere and symbolizes Earth, our bodies, our outstretched arms, the roots of Earth, the quest and the tree of knowledge of good/evil and god/devil. How are both in the same tree?

One clue is in how we sound out or pronounce tree. It is two sounds basically. “CHA” and “REE” – CHREE. The CHA sound is significant as it means to chop, select, clarify.

The “T” or “TR” part of “TREE” is sounded as CHRA. The second part is REE, chree.

Ree’s origin is Sanskrit, Old Greek, and French, and its use, English.

REE carries significance in sound and history and in current use. Originating from Middle English as ‘reien’, meaning. There are 1,237 words that end with RY, the sound of ree. https://www.worddb.com/words/ending-with/ry

  • history of ree/reien:
  • Arikara, N American native tribe/culture
  • dialectal, England: SIFT
  • chiefly Scottish: IRRATIONAL, BEFUDDLED
  • to put in line, on a string
  • to regret, to rue, repentance, regret, pity, compassion
  • regret some past action
  • A kind of plant

The Arikara (ree) of N America

Slides from emaze: https://app.emaze.com/@ACQFCTTT#/1

Reverse Mother’s Perfection – Reason Method Prize

Reason Method Prize – rmp/RMP, the ramp – to ignore is to be a rump – roast (slaughtered, sliced up, cooked, eaten, shit out, forgotten)

Human Secret – Side Step Psy-Culling

In our generations today and recorded through our selected for us, fractional human history, Human beings have always had a bad tendency -(it is a group, need to be needed thing)- of collaborating together through peer review and social/peer pressure of making it seem as if “all is business as usual, everything is rolling along and is continuing normally, even if it isn’t.

From above, there is zero doubt Human Beings are under a spell and being led by spiritual mind control experts with unknown timeline of their history or knowledge.

Except what we can gather from observation of ourselves, mixed/combined with what we can glean from our closest relationships and finally and most importantly, the infinite knowledge and wisdom hidden but contained inside the vast body called the Human Being body.

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