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Alchemy is a study of the basic elements called fire, water, earth, air and aether in the environment, animals and humans. It is the study of transmutation. Like chemistry, except for ancient and beyond origins/use. Alchemists study alchemy.

The word occult is derived from the Latin word occultus meaning ‘secret’ or ‘hidden’. Occultism is defined as the study of the unknown and the paranormal, the forces that cannot be observed or measured through the usual means and logic. Simple, go uncover it!
The various meanings of occult are:

The psychologist Carl Gustav Jung was interested in this as well but in relation to the soul of man. Alchemists are objective (they deal with external existence) while psychologists are subjective (they deal with the inner life of man). Alchemists deal with the First Matter (a substance that makes transmutation easy) while Psychology deals with the mind.

A famous saying in Alchemy: “As above, so below” hides the relationship existing between Alchemy…

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