1/2 Loaf is a SUIT we Wear out with

1/2 Loaf is a SUIT we Wear out with

(We humans today are the 3rd – 33.3, after F/M, Father/Mother)

Therefore, “OS(christ) within you”, be certain
Wealth or rank possessing,
Ye who now will bless the poor
Shall yourselves find blessing.

Father/Mother “FM” Story

Good King Wenceslas is a Christmas Carol that tells the story of a king’s journey through harsh winter weather. His intention is to bring food and firewood to a poor man he notices from the tower of his castle during the Feast of Stephen on December 26, the second day of Christmas.

Wenceslaus I (CzechVáclav [ˈvaːtslaf] (listen); c. 907 – 28 September 935 or 929), Wenceslas I or Václav the Good[6] was the Duke (kníže) of Bohemia from 921 until his death, probably in 935. His younger brother, Boleslaus the Cruel, is commonly considered Wenceslaus’ assassin, by the Czech public and the Roman Catholic Church, but there is a debate on whether his death was murder or an accident after a night of drinking.

His martyrdom and the popularity of several biographies gave rise to a reputation for heroic virtue that resulted in his sainthood.


“3” – B2 – “8” – “33”
‘numb burrs’

I was asked:
Is there a blatant connection between Masonic 33 and 33rd parallel ?

We live in a morphed illusory reality. The numbers, letters, ‘numb errors’ and ‘let hertz’ play a big role. They all represent history, vibrations, progressions and all have their own properties and potentials. None are static. Except the “0” or zero.

“3” is representing the 3rd or the child. “33” is two children following each other. They are facing left and travelling right. One looks at the past, one looks at the back of the other’s head.

“3” is part of an “8”. — 3+3=6 and 3×3=9 — both the “6” and the “9” are the same symbol but upside down, a fractal and a spiral. IE, on the move, inward and outward.

“B” the 2nd or #2 letter – looks very much like an “8”. 2+8 (28) are the #s of the lunar cycle.

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