Go Vern Go! .014 to the Next Great Pole Shift or 1 x 25,770 Years

When is Next ‘Pole Shift’ Catastrophe?

It is right around the corner. Are you ready. Are you learning thyself?

1,2,3 and it will be. A fav date for our first ‘shift’ is around Halloween 2023, 10/23. (1,2,3) — Then a series of calamities until 2040, for the big one. The Mag North is hitting 40 degree longitude in Siberia in about 12 to 18 months. Only the secret FATican scientists know better. We have tons of researchers here to guide us as best we can. These cycles have been noted many times. A few below. We will provide ongoing reports to guide and prepare.

We are using every ancient and modern researcher outside the lying cruds in mainstream. Every angle is covered but mainly here, we work on a meeting with God so you can avoid coming back here! …find out why

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