Immortality – Humans/Phoenix – Caine

Immortality – Humans/Phoenix – Caine

The Phoenix is an immortal bird who reinvents itself from one period to the next period. We will prove here the Phoenix is real, Immortality is real and the Phoenix is a type of ‘interface’ we can use and exploit as a link between this world and our actuality of being Immortal or Eternal Divine Beings. Welcome to a newer and older version of – you.

love from Kevin & Nina

Phoenix – Sound of & Scribed/Symbols/Letters

The (definition of) ‘Deaf Phoenician’ is one who cannot hear the Phoenix or Deaf to the Phoenix. Our modern sets of words and language create the condition to choose to be a Deaf Phoenician who will use definitions and definement for all questions and desires or reactions to events and others.

Abel Caine – Canaanite Connection

The Canaan of North Africa are the Phoenicians. The Greeks named them that and it stuck. …

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