Christ! Propaganda – Universal numbers

There is One Universal Law in Creation: Proportion. The anti-law to that is propaganda.

Last 1,000 years have been all propaganda. It is and has been so effective, most people have forsaken any value beyond the last 1,000 years of data sharing. A super fantastic and splendid job by the propogandists. For the average Man – a huge fail – but a valuable lesson.

Roman Catholic Church. A committee of cardinals, established in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV, having supervision over foreign missions and the training of priests for these missions. Roman Catholic Church. A school (College of Propaganda) established by Pope Urban VIII for the education of priests for foreign missions.

“Whoever has the youth has the future”

Gregory 15 XV – January 6, 1622, a special congregation of cardinals who were to have supreme control over all foreign missions (Congregatio de Propaganda Fide) College of Propaganda. Obama cabinet stacked with Muslims Qur’an followers. Trump filled w dual citizen Israelis, Torah followers. Both books teach it is permissible and even mandated that Muslims lie to the infidel to conquer them.


Africa has structures of astrological nature dating 100,000 to 250,000 years. The fact we focus only on 1,000 years of Earth/Human history is irrefutable proof we have all become victims of propaganda and are being led like pets by the Con Men Managers of our landscape. This essay will show you the proof…

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