Duality x Chaos = God/Good, White/Black

The Universe is simply one verse. The word of the Creator. All things are manifested from the Universe, the word of the Creator. This word represents energies, wisdom and human intercourse through the spoken and heard words of each other.

The universe wants all there is to discover within itself. Our Universe seeks an increase in creativity, knowledge and experience. The original sentient beings of our Earth are the most Exalted and considered the wisest and most capable in the Universe. We are willing to experiment on ourselves for the sake of the highest wisdom and the closest possible partnership to the Creator.

Our world is within the 6,000-year cycle of self-forgetfulness  or ” this world” in Bible text.. We are gently awakening.

The Cycle (psy-culling)

This cycle would bring about a new people with a nature that opposed to peace.  In fact,  even the plants and animals of today are different by Nature then the original animal and plant totems.

 For example, there were no blood sucking animals or parasites in our ancient Society.  These animals are a direct reflection of the foul nature, thought processes, and actions of the people.

 The Earth’s magnetic field records the development of life from …

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