GOD provided us Murder for GOOD

Everything Murder or Separations has a purpose for good, how can that be?

We will prove God’s Plan for Man includes ‘this era of separations’ and murder to fully learn & reveal our Most Possible Creativity as Creatures made of God.

We will prove this repeatedly. The next article is about mirrors and how they scientifically and contemplatively / intuitively show us the truth inside the mystery of mirrors, twins and separations.

Μήδεια Medeia Media
The media sells and convinces the masses to love and strive for Mediocracy. This effort ensures the ‘shadow self’ and leaves the masses of Man always on the edge of knowing and not knowing. For forseeable perpetuity, Man shall neither sink to the depths of poverty, nor rise to the heights of the leisured aristocracy. A ‘happy medium’.

French & English

English is 30% French. Corp is silent in the “P” to avoid declaring death. Coup has a silent “P” to avoid declaring sabotage and confinement. We have many ways to shield ourselves from the shame of lying, separations and murder. Every letter in the alphabet plays the role of a silent letter at least once. N, S, and T when preceded by “P” it will be silent.


This ‘predicament’ facilitated our complete explorations and examinations of Separations and Murder. If this ‘veil’ from the Media was lifted, our examination of separations and murder, would expire.

In word decoding, vowels and duplicates are removed to find the base of the word. Murder clarifies to MD. This will translate as an acronym to MAN D’One or MAN 4 (Man learns what to be for).

Corporate Media

Speed up to today and our world is run by corporations. Latin corporatus, …..

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3 Stages of Mother Nature Creation is in 3 Stages…. Righteous, Chaos, Perfection

CA – Cain Abel Separation – cannibalism The TWIN MURDERS TWIN!..

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