Constitution of Egg-Rigor & Ekklesia

Point A – B is Ekklesia

“you are being called out”

Ekklesia is a Greek word, Noun Feminine, translated in the New Testament as “church.” It comes from ‘ek’, meaning “out from and to” and ‘kaleo’, meaning “to call,” and has to do with a group of people called out from one place and to another. Ek kaleo means – “you are being called out”. Everything happens in 3’s. Please consider this one old map:


You are Royalty

“You are exalted, royalty, each person, a holy nation, manifested from One Mind, that you may proclaim your excellence and partnership of the One who called you out of ambiguity into his marvel of Wisdom. Allow your kinship with God to exist.

Once you were not an Exalted Man, but now you are. Jeweled lights of my eye, my beloved, seek an urge inside you as discoverers, creative explorers, soul warriors, sojourners and exiles from Unity.

You are urged to gain wisdom from the passions of the eye, emotions and flesh, which wage contrast to your soul.”

“Let us hold firm and steady the knowing of our authorship without wavering, to reap the seeds of the faithful.

Let us consider ways, techniques and knowledge to antagonize and stir up each other toward love and fellowship, doing good works, not neglecting our obligation to make the times to meet together, always encouraging one another, more and more as you see the Day of Judgement drawing near.”


The “J” remains a hook and a joke but when seen with open eyes there are no tricks.

The term constitution comes through French from the Latin word constitutio, used for regulations and orders. The “N” was added at a later date.

Constitutio(n), is the ‘working order’ of a location of any human being or any animal;
the notable and peculiar temper of the mind, passions, or affections;
the notable and peculiar character or structure of anything, as of air;
the notable and established form of government in a country;
a notable and particular law or regulation.

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