date of financial collapse – “a principled existence”

“a principled existence”
“you will own nothing and be happy”

You will be surviving, everyone gets to. We survivors will get what we always cried for and strived for – just enough to get by with a little anxiety to boot, to season it.

“They will be able to survive. The cabal is not intending to create economic chaos with CS*Q, they are intending to create a Comm-ie system of organized management.

Rationing, social status credits and demerits, conditional vouchers will become more normal. Prices for goods will be set fairly and equitably. Everyone will learn the presumption of having enough.

This is the deeper meaning of “you will own nothing and be happy”. They are not going to make everyone homeless, Bill. You will just have to compromise all of your principles to exist in this system.”

Election Rigging – Crowd Control

“When you rig an election, you can be undetected by ‘selective rigging’, you do not need to rig every vote or every outcome. People seem to want to believe this which only builds their ignorance as a scapegoat.

They are childishly assuming every vote must be stolen blatantly. They know better. An election can easily be rigged by carefully changing a few votes and a few outcomes, and now you have the scenario you want.

The ‘riggers’ got what they wanted. Control of the Senate or a tie, fewer House seats lost than expected, and a publicly confessed trans-person won a state seat in Montana.”

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