Chapter 6 totalitarianism ~Man’s Orbit around the Cyborg “8”

Man’s Orbit around the Cyborg “8”

“H” is an opened up “8”. It is the 8th letter.
It is the cornerstone of Human. It translates to “8” ‘U’ Man.
HA — High Alert, H8 — Hate

Eight and 8 have the sound of ‘ate’. 8 is there to eat you or serve tea when you take the time to know thyself. We walk with the energies and influence of all the numbers. Our highest achievement in this stage of Creation is to fully realize as a Man and Woman and become together, a “6”. Allowing friendship and equality with “7”, granting access and economy to enter the X of the “8” to have a meeting with “9”.

Man as an “8” is a well known concept as Man carries the Sun and Moon inside with his Brain and Heart. Every 24 hours, Man makes a loop through the 8 Track. If he never notices, he dies again. If he Not Ices, he may learn to become small enough to leave the death loop via the infinitesimal “X” It point in the center of the “8”.

To shield our shame of doing this endlessly, we invent myriads of explanations, words and perspectives for every topic. Then we separate ourselves into groups or camps. This facilitates the everlasting explorations of separations and murder/death.

Below, 2 Chinese Girls

chinese girls

C 2 C = “8”

The epic of Creation 2 Completion as an Acronym is C2C 3+2+3=8. Becoming a full 6 and equalizing with 7 allows us into the X of the 8.

Man has found himself a to be in total, all the properties of 1 to 6. 123456 = 21 or Two to One. The alpha and omega mission of Creation 2 Completion.

The alpha was ‘One to Two’ of many beings of One Mind.
The omega is ‘Two to One’, Many Minds of One Being.
The Completion is God’s Plan

The results of this arrangement are God’s Plan and our ‘cross to bear’ to achieve the parody God is creating. It can be casually observable in all life in all it’s forms, be they animate, inanimate or etherical.

Man can achieve godhood in this stage but he does not keep ‘godhood’. He will lose that as he balance Man & Woman and Himself & Creation. Then he may leave the endless loop of the “8”. The “8” track of endless loops and repeating contains every means of understanding godhood, pride, beginnings, endings, death and full awareness of separations and their purpose in all things.

After enough times around the loop and contemplations, a man comes to know his position and goes about the business of applying himself to become the best he can be.

1963 Japan (Yes Pantheism)

In 1963 and 1964 (28 & 29) the first two fantasy cyborg characters came online. First 8 Man, then Cyborg 009. We were on our way to conditioning the populace to accept interference in our biology with foreign electronics, gizmos and electronic connectors to our naturally birth-righted biometric programs.

In 1963 we were also showing ourselves the ancient knowledge of passing through “8” to meet “9”.

An organism, often a human, that has certain physiological processes enhanced or controlled by mechanical or electronic devices, especially when they are integrated with the nervous system.

8th Man Episode 31:
Introducing the brilliant Michael Collins, a 9 year old Doctor of Engineering! This “boy genius” perfects an amazing machine, the Image Maker. But his crooked Uncle uses the device to steal and plunder — the reason? To pay off Usher, the Expediter for Intercrime who did the financing of the entire project. But Usher does not want repayment, he wants the Image Maker, and its inventor! With Tobor framed for kidnapping can 8th Man make it in time to stop the evil Usher?

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