This wisdom offered is to Explain the word MEN and why dying as MEN is HELL!

I explained my history of linguistic study and mentioned that I found many explanations, nuances, flavors, perspectives and ‘mental constructs’ that revolve around the aforementioned list —

ALL FROM A BASELINE of exploration of DUALITY/CHAOS as desired by the Creation and the Creator to fulfill Creativity of the Creation. The Creator baseline of exploring DUALITY/CHAOS incl day/nite – M/W – life/death = good/evil – god/devil –

NOW what about MEN and the explanation. All language came from eyesight and then ears and then tongues and then SOUNDS!!!


Next comes scribing – digits first – letters second. Since born from God, all things are PERFECT – even in the study of CHAOS

this was a response to a point made about stewardship, trustees and beneficiaries in regards to…

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