READING – No Bother No Cry

READING – No Bother No Cry

Many people ask what my secret is to read effectively. My secret is: I rose from my chair and did not take bad advice from other men. Our muscles adapt to our will. The brain is a muscle. The sooner you face this – the sooner you also will be a “big brain”.

14 percent of American adults can’t read–that’s 32 million people–and 21% read below a 5th grade level.


Does not perceive difficulties as difficulties? Easy for yourself to carry

antciety — Yesterday at 9:32 AM
if you choose away from something, there is no adapting as you are doing without it. If it is for a purpose, agenda, motive, desire of your own – to benefit you, well…

then choosing to ignore something or NOT INVEST YOUR PRECIOUS TIME on it is your….

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