How to Get Motivated!

How to Get Motivated!

A#1, first step, before any others is to have a motive. The motive can only have one origin – self. When we face our self for this motivation, we often find it difficult to find an inward motivation to get us antagonized enough to act and follow through in dramatic fashion. Why is this happening? Where is our burn to earn and learn to fill our Urn with all Love has to give?

Why does our self let us down this way? If we take most of our clues about our self from outside our self, we will develop a view of our self similar to the view the outside world has of us. This can be developed in a myriad of ways according to your location and circumstance. There is a parallel to all who develop this way. They took most of their clues of self from the outside world. Our inner self has been ignored. We habe lost our entire self. We are focusing mainly on the outer worldy view of ourselves.

We have failed to ‘know thyself’

If you were to find within yourself something to be motivated than you would experience being motivated. There is much more value and ‘pay-off’ from the inner world than all the outer world has to give. If you are lacking motive, that is normal for an outer worldly, focus based lifestyle. We always see what we focus on appear in front of our eyes. Even lethargy and complaints will manifest magically in front of us when we focus on them.

This is the Human Secret

Your ability to manifest exactly what your energetic and aggregate focus is on – is the Human Secret. The world needs money and consumption. Focus on it, you will get consumed, with zero legacy or completion. Very unmotivating and a Human knows this even when they convince themselves otherwise.

A typical argument against ‘know thyself’

antciety: if you choose away from something, there is no adapting as you are doing without it. If it is for a purpose, agenda, motive, desire of your own – to benefit you, well…

then choosing to ignore something or NOT INVEST YOUR PRECIOUS TIME on it is your choice and so is the outcome.

If you choose toward something and it requires investment of your time, some sacrifice and some pain, well…

you decided to take that path so you own the choice and the outcome

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