I Promise US Dolls Are FIAT Moaning

Money naturally causes a turn from Intuition toward Logic. Logic and Intuition are partners. When one breaks off on his own, both suffer the consequences.

In the medieval ages, Rome was at the peak of grandeur and expansion. So strong that it was impregnable from the outside. The barbarians organized to persuade the politicians of Rome to grant them citizenship in exchange for taxes. The senators in the Roman senate debated whether to award citizenship to barbarians or not. Who were the barbarians?

In the Roman Empire, barbarians were people who were not Roman citizens or who did not speak Latin. Residents of Roman-occupied lands outside the Roman Empire itself were also known as barbarians.

The motivations behind the barbarians’ desire for citizenship is comparable to those of modern immigrants seeking the nationality of a developed nation.

Roman citizens were eligible for government and military duty, in addition to earning other perks of citizenship. A Roman citizen might also vote, marry a freeborn person, and engage in business.https://www.themiddleland.com/the-roman-senates-debate-during-the-fall-of-the-roman-empire/

At the time Rome was falling and burning, the Roman senate was debating feverishly whether Angels were feminine or masculine. We are repeating that mistake. Looking anywhere but at our obligation that has grown too large to face. We debate immigrant border crossings while the same cartels move heroin and fentanyl into the mainland, killing 300 a day just on fentanyl.

No Emperor had ever before got so close to his people, quite literally, and so mirrored their behavior in the way Nero did. His excesses were manifest and even for the violent and amoral streets of Rome he could be said to have set a bad example. 

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