It is said communication is key. What are we unlocking?

Identifying the Keys to Communication

When we communicate, we open doors to each other, and go to deeper and more meaningful places or intimacy in the communication We look to open doors that are behind the easy to open doors. This is where the phrase ‘communication is key’ comes from.

What is it that we are unlocking?
We are unlocking the point of reverence inside each person that we are born with. It is the very small not see-able power source of every human being. We are all very involved in the world and physical and mind creations leaving most of us barely remembering where we came from. We are unlocking remembrance of where we originated and what is our purpose.

What is Our Common Purpose

We all have a deep sense of yearning to remember where we came from and we can see it every time we look at another person. We can see it (that remembrance of our origin) and we can hear it and every sense can detect it but somehow our senses are not strong enough to give us the validation we are looking for.

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