Christ/Crystal within – Secret Garden in Heart

The absolute center – “C”(hild)-enter

Where/how is the christ within?
At the Monadic center point inside each personal ‘existence’ – the infinitesimal center point of a human heart – an atomic sized light ray particle – home to all the universes and pure wisdom. The emanation point, your power and partner.

  • You are unary/One with 2 roles that must collaborate. They are Big “U” and Little “u”.
  • The smallest point is Big “U” – the location of All things and universes and everything in them – no time, no limit – pure wisdom
  • The largest perspective is from Little “u”, same symbol as “n” — “nu” and “un” -home of the world and all it’s concoctions and notions.
  • They are telling us a story. It is a ‘tell’ or series of ‘tells’.

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