Crystal DNA vs RADIO Waves

Atmospheric heating and ultrasonic hearing effects by electronic warfare with aluminum smoke chaff chemtrails and 5G radar waves.


STUDY: Dark-field Microscopic Analysis of the Blood of Symptomatic Persons Post Jab:

This is a peer reviewed study of 1006 symptomatic people who took the jab & what happened with their blood.

94% of the people showed abnormalities in their blood after the jab. 100% of these showed alterations to their blood post injection.

All the International abnormal blood samples of injected persons, 948 cases, showed tubular/fibrous formations & frequently also crystalline & lamellar formations with extremely complex but consistently similar morphologies across all of the patients with abnormal blood samples.


Baking soda and borax, Baking Soda Cures: Avoid the crooked Big Pharma & Medical Industries

Diect Sunlight is Crucial
Clean Unclumped Water is Crucial
Raw Watery Fruits are Crucial

Format of Body

With our growing understanding that we function based on charge and structured water, our liquid crystal DNA and structured EZ water (H3O2) powers the flow of photonic information between our internal and external terrains,

akin to fibre optics, we have tubes that transmit this quantum biological information through the system…we are realizing that electricity and frequency (and the sun!) drives our lifeforce…our pineal glands (containing piezoelectric crystals) connected to our SCN in the hypothalamus, transmits photonic vibration via our retinas which guides our circadian rhythm…this dictates our health and biological function. We both absorb AND emit light. We have antennae.

7 Maps to a Being, click here.

What to Expect to Gain Here, the list

The list below is the areas of interest we have studied and can testify to with our own conclusions, failures and wins. We anticipate a being afflicted from the fused and confused world will benefit from the re-organizing of ourselves, the details and how we maintain it.

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