Nano vs Nano War for AIR

World War Nanos

world war nanos

Future military environmental health considerations of nanotechnology in warfare by 2006 :

Possible positive developments include creation of nano-devices to decrease remaining radio-activity in areas, as well as sensors to detect pollutants and adjust fuel-air mixtures.

Associated risks may involve :
Military personnel inhaling nanoparticles added to fuel, possible absorption of nanoparticles from sensors into the skin, water, air or soil, dispersion of particles from blasts through the environment (via wind), alongside disposal of nano-tech batteries potentially affecting ecosystems.

Applications for materials or explosive devices, allow a greater volume of nano-powders to be packed into a smaller weapon, resulting in a stronger and possibly lethal toxic effect.

WEF : Scientists are spraying particles over clouds for goverment agencies to generate more snow in mountains. WEF supports atmospheric ionization technology for cloud modification and rain enhancement by Weathertec company.

WEF praises China’s $168 million investment to control the weather with cloud seeding chemtrail operations. Fourth industrial revolution : Could solar geoengineering be the answer to slowing global warming ?

world war nanos

WEF & MIT geoengineers want to block the sun with giant shields of thin film bubbles in space.

WEF : How engineering animals and plants could help fight climate change.

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