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Kevin and Nina Wisdom Warriors University

We worked long and hard and dedicatedly to make this enterprise a reality that is built on a solid foundation. We did it to gain personal peace but now intend to sell what we spent years of living and contemplation on and 50,000 work hours to achieve. We want to share the shortcuts we earned to embracing Contention to Lose Conflict.

Our books and essays count 1,000s of testimonies and validations from prophets, Sufis, mystics, historians, scientists, story tellers, poets and so on.

All of them without doubt have proven to us the wisdom we knew as children. All named and referenced in our published works.

Ownership (possession) is 9/10ths

We believe ownership is where it’s at. We do not get validations from ink on a page or emotionally out-bursting men. When it is in our hands and our Hearts, we own it. IE, we have a direct line to our subtle and peaceful Heart. It gives us the final stamp of victory. We worked to earn this.

We have been doing empirical studies on world history, language, relationships and spirituality since 2004. We are self taught and never sought accreditation from any institution but we have used their research 1,000s of times for study and validation.

We have also found validation in 1,000s of fables, parables, metaphors, poems and storytelling from prophets, mystics, Sufi’s, sheikhs, gurus, religious text, ancient mysticism and dozens of contemporary writer/researchers.

All of this research led to many 1000’s of hours of writing and documenting it all. Always in an effort to find a simple solution to facing conflict within our own self and within our relationship as a couple facing each other and the outside world.

Our efforts led to our body’s and brains becoming completely restored. We felt this alive and invincible last, when we were children. It is good to be alive again where no conflicts can touch you.

Our confusion issues, anxieties, emotional and self identity issues are gone. Our relationship is total equilibrium, peace and joy. We have lost judgement of ourselves, all other people and every idea the world ever came with. $1.99 month members only podcasts here

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Foundations to Destiny Course Here (Houses need foundations.)

Our Obligation Urge

The gain we have earned has come with a price. We cannot deny our obligation and urge to share our story and the simple techniques we have discovered to dispel all confusions about self, relationships and the crazy world around us.

Kevin worked 20,000 hours and researched and took notes and downloads from 2004 until 2017. Nina and Kevin started collaborating on the documenting in 2017. In 3 years we have invested another 30,000 hours between us organizing and improving our message and structure of delivering it. All while maintaining our resale biz on etsy and eBay.

We are connected to all the major money payment platforms, the banks, PayPal, Stripe, Woo Commerce and others. We can accept almost any form of payment on any platform be it purchases or contributions.

To date we have a 20 million file database of all of our research — available to the public and organized, membership is required. We have published 850 articles on a 1 million plus word website. We wrote 16 books to compile the knowledge base. We have several products for sale and membership plans for the materials and group or one on one consulting or discussions online.

We are on all the major platforms. We have over 500 audio podcasts and we won a couple awards for outstanding success in 2022. We have over 300 videos on YouTube and the other vid platforms like tiktok, twitch, rumble, bit chute and many others.

We are on the major Q/A posting sites like Reddit, Quora, Medium, Knowable, Fiverr and others. Also, the major group chat sites like Discord, Telegram, twitter, Facebook and others.

Our website domains we own are: destinytwist.com creation2completion.com wisdomwarrior.university soulcombat.com gurubawa.com lifein60.com ridethera.com magneticmagic.net immortalitytwins.com wordskill.buzz truthtestimony.com nirvananow.ninja lanegagecrack.store wisdomwarriors.university kindness-exchange.com and a few others

To date we have one self help course for foundational preparation to complete restoration physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Several mini courses are about to launch. We have a $1.99 membership to our Audio Podcast Library. There is also a tiered membership to our Chat Hub and File Server which is for discussion and file sharing, where members can access our Database and other members.

Please, please provide kind feedback. We need you!

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