You are AweSum! The Sum of All – the Counter to WiFi/Parasite Attack


Or should we say, the owners of wiFi Parasites are attacking you to protect themselves from extinction! Because you are so awe/sum. And the sum of All! Today’s article is in 3 sections:

The secrets of Life and everlasting joy

We will cite proof of crimes and proof of relief techniques from the poisonings in the air, food, water and media/edu.

Our favorite Sufi.

“42 is the Secret of a Man/Woman Universe”

purple lady large - man woman universe self determination

“42” has always been “behind the scenes” playing a hidden sequence undetected by most of humanity. Doug Adams The Hitchhiker’s Guide made up the number “42” as secret to the Universe “as a joke”, in his own words. All you ever needed to know about “42” and how it affects you is written below.

Universe, one verse: Life/Death – Sleep is Life

self determination,self awareness,self realization,understanding death,life and death,sleep is life,sound sleep,universe one verse

The Universe is simply ‘one verse’. The word/vibration/frequencies/sound of Creation. All things are manifested from this vibration which evolved out of pure thought or the infinite depth of the mystery of our life.

The 7 Maps to a Being + How to Join this Site


We came to this world and found all the judgement and unfairness to be a challenge or a puzzle that had been presented to us to dis-assemble and reorganize. Blended to this challenge are the amazement and magnificence of our personal Creation, our bodies and mentality. Read on.

Is Above Is Below, Sun Moon Divorced – 61° Separation Feb 1 and 2

Is Above Is Below, Sun Moon Divorced – 61° Separation Feb 1 and 2

Christ OS – Easy Access 2christos

seek the Christ within,christos,claustrum

It is written Ieosus said to his followers, “seek the Christ within”. This document will prove through historical testimony, evidence and modern science that this is an actual Operating System of Man.

Base/Ba’al, Prey Tell, Why do they Tell?

brain study self determination mimetics

Revelation of the Method concerns mind control in the last stages and at a high level. When you tell someone what you are doing to them – murder, mayhem, kidnap, rape, you name it – and they do nothing to stop you or protect themselves, you have created a doubly enslaved subject.

Book 11 – AI Speed Limit is 55

Order is equal measure,Logic and Intuition in Harmony,handling Strife and the Wave of life,When Cognitive Dissonance is chosen,pole shift reversal,secret garden of the heart decodes,history decodes,sun moon divorce reversal,Personal Peace first,loving partners in Life,self improvement tips and guides,personal growth help,self love decodes,inspiration from the world,how to find inner peace,how to get motivated,what are your intentions,ways to get self determination through study of history,podcasts,podcast recharge

Ant-I-Man is Anti-Earth – Sees Speed Limit of “55” or ‘AI/Ten’
I Am Man is pro Earth & Heart, sees many potentials

AI Man vs AE (apple eye) Man

1st-Personal Peace 2nd-World Peace — Piece by Piece

pear peace

1st-Personal Peace 2nd-World Peace — Piece by Piece
List of basic foundation agreements

As we learn to be fair to ourselves, we become fair to others and then they become fair to us. Any One person can start this transmutation of themselves and others in “their world”.

Are Earth and Humans One DNA Field

torus field

Are Earth and Humans One DNA Field

Human Auras and Cellular DNA – Auric DNA of Earth Lifeforms Heavens Sun Nature Are they micro/macro simulcasting?

What is Pyramid? Man/12 – Woman/12


What is Pyramid? Man/12 – Woman/12
We do have a logical and written account of how the stones got cut and stacked, it is plausible. The symbols and letters and digits give us half the story. Most will not investigate.

TV NEWS is Diseased with “7” Deadlie’s

TV NEWS is Diseased with “7” Deadlie’s

Pope Benedict XVI made in Caritas in Veritate, “The way humanity treats the environment influences the way it treats itself, and vice versa”…..

Double You and “W” – Gen Is Is

Language and the terminology used is an evolved and progressive part of human evolution. It is not only flat on the page but metaphoric in it’s intent and outcomes. The language is used to exchange plans, actions and ruminations. Together we each grow and evolve, as do our groups, cultures and civilizations, from one to the next.

Freedom vs Liberties (privileges)

As more men exchange sovereignty for privileges and liberties granted by governing agencies (gov’t), we are trespassed on by our own sanctioning into mandatory injections and ‘corralling’ of our sovereignty to the point the populace will become ‘farm animals’.

All of Everything – Apple Eye

All of Everything – Apple Eye

All of everything is within the heart of each man. His world is within him, and all the creations of God are within him. Also, there is an agreement relating to the length of his time in the world. The day a man’s world dies is the day of his destruction. The day on which he is awakened from his death is his Day of Reckoning. All of creation is brought back to life on that day. And the day on which judgment is given to all is his Day of Judgment. Each person has the Day of Reckoning and the Day of Judgment within him. Each person contains the eighteen thousand universes.

What “322” Can do for You! – huemanati illuminati

What “322” Can do for You! – hue/manati illuminati We are all on the verge of the eternal spring equinox of 2023. An opportunity for equilibrium in all individuals, couples and groups is now open …

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123 – Me Eternal Many – March Eternal Equinox 2023 – Save World End Psychosis

Who Am I?What Is This?What Is The One True Thing?How to Aggregate Unity and Separations (USA) In ancient times it was well known, “what one focuses on, one becomes”. The human race has done the …

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Save World – End Psychosis – March 2023

mice bosch

Whatever order exists in a social group, such as a city or nation, remains until the social order is destroyed via media tactics and strategies, using what is now commonly known as fifth-generational warfare tactics or color revolution methodologies.

Solutions to MEMES of reality death time – a chat

the mimetic process language self determination

Regarding the present. It seems so much of our reality is based on our thoughts, how much of it is predestined?

Jesus is a metaphor “the beating Heart” 3.16 March Equinox Prophecy 2023

proof of jesus,self determination,march equinox,decode the arrangements,March Equinox Prophecy 2023,Jesus is a metaphor "the beating Heart"

This “Son” is metaphoric and is the Sun in the sky and the Sun inside each Heart that powers the human body, all of it’s parts and functions and creates a powerful and interactive magnetic field around the anatomy capable attracting or repeling at the will or consciousness of the person inside the anatomy.

Solutions Drinking Water Purify and Rain Water to Drinkable

body of water near plants

below mirrored from Rainwater video, view, download or watch publicly How Much Bleach To Purify Water – 55 Gallons – Ratio To Use If you are storing water in containers, 55 gallon drums, or …

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Mother Shipton’s Dragon (Plasma Event)

retina 612 Brain Study language self determination

Excerpt from the aggregate theory of cyclical plasma events that change the air, radiation and shake the earth, a cataclysm.

R/L Brain – Memes vs Fairness — Mimetic Warfare “MW”

kh nervous Mimetics language self determination

R/L Brain – Memes vs Fairness — Mimetic Warfare “MW”
March 15 means 3-1.5=1.5

3.14 ‘Pi Day’ Angels & Angles -Heart Mind Friendship – “X” Planes

2009 heartmap brain study language self determination

Every cell in our bodies is bathed in an external and internal environment of fluctuating invisible magnetic forces.

Vexxination Vacation – Cry/mmms and Come/Dy w Me’s

7 dollars

As the birth rate in the US tumbles to yet another multi-decade low, one has to ask how confident the young adult of today is and how, again, the Japanization of America continues to indicate a dark future ahead…

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