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Please watch our 5 minute proposal below. The transcript to the video is below. We grew up in the 1960s and became a couple in 1986. We saw perplexity in the world but as children it was so easy to see love is the answer. The answer was and will always be to maintain a solid footing, to have a reliable foundation and to understand lasting principles.

Therefor, we swore we would learn to blend the defined but reckless, adult world with a child’s wisdom of ordered love, so that all of our conflicts would be resolved.

We heard from our elders and discovered over time, “all answers, truly are, on one hand”, so that any issue could be rectified. So that is good news to share with you! These techniques work for any single person or couple!

The image below links the video and illustrates the tactic of exploiting a child’s wisdom to solve adult issues.

Transcript from Above

Hello! our names are Nina and Kevin, so nice to be with you! We have been traversing the world and our relationship together for 36 years! We found peace and happiness with self, each other and everyone and all the ideas in the world. It took teamwork but we did it!

We provide destiny courses to share summaries of our long journey so that quick and easy tips to become relieved of all conflicts will quickly download to you. Therefor a relieving of conflicts takes place to allow peace and strength to flow. A large room is opened in your thinking and emotion to house your newly appearing super powers!

Fake it till You Make It!

We are age 60 and 62 and both have learned, together, we had realized early in Life, as children, the world at large was a confusing and sometimes scary place. We learned we both had made pacts with ourselves as children that we would find happiness and solutions to the world confusion that was also our confusion.

Together we lived and learned the world and our relationship. We studied all of our relationships and shared everything in an effort to become relieved of our conflict and revealed to the beautiful life we knew was possible. Through much strife, trial, error and dedication, we arrived.


Our solutions take the complex world and the complex ideas and match them to the wisdom of children. Their wise and most often simple solutions can be blended with our complex definitions then, all the parts are in order and proportioned. Our course will provide all the validation and proof you need to take your destiny and relationships by storm and become the Director of your Life.

The course offered below, provides a map of the human condition and the best routes to solve relationship issues. Because our thoughts, emotion and anatomy are so ultra magnificent and supra precise and concise with trillions of actions and functions taking place every nano-second, we must slow ourselves to ‘take it on’. The course will enable you to ‘slow down’, embrace the subtleties and re-connect with your greatness.

Tips, Technique, Actionable

The Destiny course includes all the best tips and easy to apply today, methods to recover good health and brain function. Our library has all the best data on easy changes to restore top function in the brain and bloodstream. Talk with people who have done it in our private and secure chat rooms.

Balance is the Key and the Obvious

The idea of balance is very broad. This course provides an answer to balance inside your own anatomy and thoughts, emotions and actions. We tend to focus on our conflicts but, our body’s are perfectly balanced and always in restoration and re-creating mode. Therefor, re-acknowledging this with this course will demonstrate and validate for you how to ‘match’ your natural flows.

This will cause INSTANT relief and dramatically improved functions of your anatomy, thinking and emotional control. Therefor, your outcomes to your relationships, projects and endeavors will all have happy endings.

Course comes with a Large Library & Chat

Each course includes a video presentation, audio version in our voices and a transcript/workbook to complete your foundation. The Destiny course includes one year membership, ($99 value, free with course) to the Destiny Twist (VPN protected and secured) private file servers and discussion groups. Many topics needing a secure environment are shared and discussed in our secure servers.

You can share, upload and download files there and you will meet people in the chat room where you can interact with like minded people.

Our company serves the public by revealing the works of two average people who used love and teamwork to discover themselves and the secrets of the world, destiny and Creation. We have video courses for sale and monthly memberships to our private server/discussion web.

The Backstory

Since 2004, we have been studying the hierarchies of the world and all philosophies around Creation and world history back to Early Egypt and before. This led to an intense study on language and it’s use by the corporate world to influence minds and beliefs.

Since 2019 we have documented our findings and created a large library of downloadable files and lost websites. We also wrote a one million words blog with nearly 800 empirically studied topics. We are writing books on a regular basis and have 17 books done or nearly done in various topics. All accessible with purchase of a destiny course.

Act Now

The present is your gift! Act now to restore all your super powers with an easy to grasp foundational principles roadmap. Simplify life and the approach to destiny.

Take the plunge and get our $99 Destiny Course – Foundations. It is a ‘must’, to take the foundations course in order to be revealed to the base points we have established after many tries not making it. Click the image below to approach your destiny with glee!

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We Always Kept our Child Minds

When we came to this world and became aware as children we saw the most magical and beautiful place. But all around us, our people were creating but also anxious and perplexed. We have always had an affinity for others. Therefor, we have discovered that we all need to be needed. We need you and want you to need us.

Thank you for spending the time with us. We greatly appreciate that you have lent your ear and your Heart toward us. Thank you.

Nina and Kevin lead the team. New supporters are given roles and tasks to suit them and their environment. We all need each other. Most conflicts are lifted when we come together with agreements based on simple and ‘in your hand’ base principles. Possession is 9/10ths of the Law and success to any goal. Own it and it is yours.

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What Resources are Included

The Destiny Library has 100s of video and audio podcasts, resources and categorized sections for:

  • Health Restoration
  • All the latest Covid disseminated
  • NWO Financial Collapse Daily News
  • Methods to Increase Brain Power
  • Breakdown of Elites and Motives
  • Complete Studies in Philology, Etymology, Morphology and NLP
  • Histories of Ancient Egypt and Before
  • Histories of Ancient Mysticism
  • Histories of Canaan, Greeks, Romans, Britons, USA
  • Histories of Language
  • Daily releases on Carbon and Nano Tube tech used on the populations.
  • Highlights from all the Ancient teachers.
  • Complete web on Sufism and Unity for All.
  • Complete Websites removed from Web.
  • Downloadable PDF studies, audio lectures and media across many topics.
  • Updated Pole Shift news Daily.
  • 3 years of our personal Sun tracking data from SE Oregon.

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