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Consequence of Contention Centered Conflict

What is the difference between contention and conflict? Good morning everyone.

0:20 We are going to talk about digits. Do you like digits? You know that we are in a somewhat Digital World. Yes, almost everything is goes from one to nine, 1-9. Today we have something called digital currency which has billions and trillions of numbers in it. It is run by the AI machine ,which is a machine that doesn’t need morals so it can do a lot more.

0:29 Today the digits we are going to be covering is 1,2 and 3. because a lot of things come in threes. Today, one two and three is Contention /  attention and number 2 False memories and beliefs. Number 3 is Conflict.

1:05 When we have a wave, things come in threes or a wave of 1, 2, 3. Such is our day, every day of your life you have your sunrise and then you have your waking day where everything gets done and you have all your fun too and then you have a nice Sunset. So everything’s awake has its peak and it’s got the low point. Rising to the peak daytime day and ends with night time, the sunset. The sunrise is number 1 or Contention. Number 2 is the peak of the day, the challenge. From the challenge we have false memories and false beliefs.

2:30 From this Map to Success and Restoration. The challenge is the peak of false memories and beliefs, now lets explore the backstory some more. Let’s go back to contention the beginning the struggle. The contention is that which makes you move,  like an engine in a car, the contention would be the engine. Contention examples of a relationship between a man and a woman, the night versus the days, hot verses cold.

3:31 Duality is contentious, all of our bodies are split in 2 and then joined into one. The aspects acid and alkaline in the body. The cells membranes are negatively charged. I know it’s hard, that’s doesn’t seem to make sense but they have a negative field around them. It’s like a fail safe so they can’t be penetrated by any positively charged. Something of strength comes towards the  human, the membrane has a negative filter in it so it can’t penetrate a feeling of peace and a feeling of strength or an entity of strength can’t penetrate the field of Peace a pure peace.

4:32 It is an interesting aspect about contention. Contention is somewhat resolved in the human cell within the bloodstream it’s one of the Magnificent things about the human cells so we have learned through technology and AI machines and our willingness to go forth with the how to penetrate the cell even through it’s Dynamic negatively surrounded field.

5:03 We are going to describe how the person in the middle, who’s having this wonderful challenge, says you and me is started by the engine of contention and they have in their sunsets the conflicts. We’re going to discuss what action could be done by the action peak which is the person peaking in the center to resolve their situation.

5:57 Our Baseline is resolved, so under contention we’ll get a little more detailed. As we discussed, the man and woman, the left and right, the night and day also lends to our thoughts and out of our thoughts we can recreate a division in our mind between good and bad even though it Powers all duality.

6:20 So in our mind we can literally create something that’s not possible, an idea that we can believe in firmly of good and bad and that also leads to a further development of the idea of God and Devil. So this adds to the level or the power or weight of our contention which adds to the weight of our challenge.

6: 46 So our challenge increases as we add levels of contention to our mix, but through our magnificence of our anatomy and our thought creation power this is possible. So literally from here, at contention, we can invent impossible things to go for it and we can actually do them.

7:05 So even some limitations are literally impossible but the challenge of trying to go for it is too irresistible. We find ourselves in the middle of the challenge of false memories and beliefs because we want to find the limit of one. As creators we have no choice but to face this issue.

7: 26 So ultimately the word “more”, it becomes an acronym when we look at it this way: of the Many, all of us, the One, each of us, Repeating this experience on Earth to make M. O. R. E. More creation and ultimately we will blend in various creative ways, one and many.

7: 51 So this would be the idea of why we would invent this entire wave of contention, false memories peaking and conflicts if unresolved. So it’s kind of like a game in one way and it’s life and another. So if we decide to ignore our magnificence and our challenge then instead of the wonderment of contention, we focus and are faced with the misery of conflicts.

8:29 So the challenge of the peak the Pinnacle creation being, the human being, is to face both of these issues: the “c”s for contention and “c”s for conflict.

8: 43 We are the “F”, the sixth letter and we are false because it is the challenge. So we have fallen into the C sea and we have done that to create false memories and rigid beliefs to have the most magnificent challenge in the most magnificent bodies in those magnificent brains and the most magnificent creators within creation.

9:13 So before we get to the wonderfulness of that, let’s go ahead and get the conflicts out of the way so that we can have that complete, Because we can’t be complete until we’re complete.

9:27 Now we Face the other side of beautiful truth and that’s ugly truth. If we decide to ignore magnificence then we will instead of the wonderment of contention, will be at the misery of conflicts, the downfall of the wave. All wave down falls lead to the next Rising wave. So there is no endings, there are only what we like to call N dings.

9:57 The conflicts that we can come to are the false beliefs we talked about earlier but an unwillingness tochallenge ourselves, so since life is continuous and the wave is continuous if we decide to fixate and not challenge ourselves then that leads to conflicts. Then we have fights, disagreements, confusion, despair, compulsions and addictions. We know the names of the rest of them, it ends in ill health the brain becomes slow and dimwitted. And our motivations become unclear and in some cases they disappear.

10:41 This becomes our new life if we focus and become fixated on conflict. We will stay in our chair and we will try to explain everything from there. We will stay fixated on certain topics and certain things to help assure us that it’s okay to stay in the chair.

11:06 We will fill ourselves with the fear of our misunderstandings and we will end in misery in death. And no one will be replenished and get to repeat it again. So that’s the ending, when we go through conflict and focus on conflict only. We get endings and then we get a repeat.

11:30 So it’s Eternal, it’s Eternal evolution of Life Death and repeated. You get eternal even when you’re conflicted, so you don’t get to run away from that even if the conflict in your mind tells you you would like to. But don’t worry about that because nothingness comes to you every night when you go to sleep, so nothingness is nothing to get hung about or run away from in your waking day.

11:59 Now we’re going to go back to contention over here. And we are going to remember that contention is on the other side. And this is the wonderment of our life and this is the fuel in the engine of everything right. So we are the action figure in the center at The Challenge, this is the way we identify ourselves, and ill, dim wittedness, etc is what happens if we become fixated, in the Conflict.

12:23 If we stay open and we stay in flow with life itself, which is always continuously moving, then we can actually face this Challenge and overcome it. So we would first ID that we are within a challenge and then secondly we would start to pick apart the false members of the beliefs and we would stand up like the hard-working person and we would appropriate our time and our energy to pick our false members apart, ours, not other people’s in the neighborhood or around the world, the ones that we have. If you decide to pick other people’s false members apart that’s the same as staying in the chair and that will leave you on a state of conflict. So instead of doing that we will ID our own false memories and our own false beliefs and we’ll do the work.

13:19 We will do the research, we will check with other people face to face and we will fill things out. We will get it in our hand and possess it in our hands as if we own it. We will face these false memories of beliefs and then we’ll get around to the motive. What is the motive of our life what is the meaning of all this magnificence, and that is personal to each person. But the point is you will get to that point where you’re now starting to ask yourself What is the motive of my life? What is the importance of my life? and what is my connection to the great All of everything. This causes you to start to identify your potentials as a human being and as an as an independent of the many.

So you’re starting to realize now that not only are you one, you’re also many. And the questions to why one and many are starting to become more possible as an answer. So once we’re acknowledging our potentials, then we have to worry about what’s going on in our brain because this is the action center of the action figure. So the action figures Capstone or the peak of his pyramid body is literally his brain which is right behind your face.

And because your face being so close to it all covers front covers and faces come out lie because they’re so close to the headquarters of that entity. You’re facing your brain is the action center of the action figure so a lot of us today, find ourselves connected heavily and fixated mostly on our sensory perceptions and our frontal part of our brain the neocortex which is directly related to our sensual awareness and to our senses. The brain is much more expansive than that and the the way that the Brain neurons activate and actualize inside your brain is based on your will. So whatever it is you decide you want out of life your brain will rearrange itself exactly for you. So even though the Capstone is your brain it’s not separate from you, it exactly yields to your will. So whatever you tell your action center to do will become you as an action figure.

So you might want to balance your focus and fixation on the frontal part of your brain and allow yourself to believe that more thinking power possible inside you. So the brain is where the action is and that’s what you’re trying to open up and then as that happens your awareness of things opens up, your cognition, so you become naturally more open-minded because you’re now challenging yourself all the time.

You now accept the challenge as a full-time event, it’s not part of something that you think about when you feel like being spiritual or whatever this becomes your all the time every second challenge that you want to recognize your magnificence and fully embrace them.

So this is how you’re open-mindedness comes to be, and your peacefulness, so as your cognition grows your open harnesses grows, they feed and feel like each other. As your potential opens.

You have become the 100% director of your life and nothing else around you can push you around ever again and whatever’s happening around you does not disturb your peace or your power. Basically, you will make it happen as you are the boss and you have no other bosses.


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